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[...] The base is similar to the Pearl one having               DD II AARRYY
   the socket on the right for an ink plate but has
   a curve at the front similar to the Victor No 1.  3rd June ........... Maidenhead Branch
   The Pearl would have a year date in the base      Anke Ueberberg, Reading
   casƟng on the leŌ and the Victor had 'Victor
   No 1' in the casƟng on the right. This press      28th June ......... Essex Branch Roadshow
   has a short main shaŌ whereas the Pearl has a     The WaiƟng Room. St Botolphs, Col.
   longer one to take a pulley wheel.
                                                     8th July............. Maidenhead Branch
   George Webb (5265) writes: I think the            Paul Hatcher, Woodley
   press is a Victor, probably an 8x5, undergoing
   restoraƟon because there are bits missing.        12th July........... Essex Branch
   I began by thinking it was a Peerless             Gwen Harper, Wickford
   (manufactured by the Cropper, Charlton
   company) because the detail on the back of the    19th July............ Essex Branch
   platen are correct and the details of the foot    Pat Walker, The Aspen Press, Orford
   pedal are right. But the spokes on the flywheel
   in your photograph are backwards (unless          31st July ............ South Wales Branch
   someone has put the flywheel on the wrong          IniƟal suggesƟon to cancel this meeƟng
   way round). So, I will seƩle on the Victor.       due to holidays—please comment.

                                                     2nd August ........ Essex Branch
                                                     Alan Brignull—The Hedgehog Press,
                                                     Adanaland, Wivenhoe

                                                     3rd August......... Maidenhead Branch
                                                     Barry Gilbert, AŌernoon BBQ, Reading

                                                     13th-14th Sept .. Essex Branch Roadshow
                                                     Essex Country Show, Barleylands,

                                                     25th Sept........... South Wales Branch
                                                     Planning meeƟng for 2015


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