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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR                             onto the present Member’s List entries. A
                                                  request form asking for these details could
IMAGE TRANSFER FOR LINO CUTTING                   be sent to each member. Sending back
                                                  the form would of course be voluntary.
I was fascinated by Alan Brignull’s               Perhaps a summary under such headings
experiments transferring images to linoleum       as “Typeseƫng”, “LeƩerpress Machines”,
to make cuts. I used a method which I found       “Litho Machines” etc, plus any other skills
very successful, saving a few quid on zinco’s.    would speed up the search.

Take a photocopy of the picture and place                                  Jack Raglan (4803)
it face-down on the lino and tape it in place
with short stubs of masking tape. Peel the        MIRACLE WASH!
photocopy back leaving a couple of tape
‘hinges’ on one side. Cover the lino with a       Dear Editor, reading over your well pracƟced
thin coat of paraffin oil and replace the copy.     method of cleaning metal type, filled me
                                                  with the know how to appraise my own
The paraffin soaks into the paper and makes         blackened examples. Being a regular visitor
it transparent. With an electric iron set to      to eBay for PrinƟng Equipment, there is
‘medium’, carefully press the copy onto the       oŌen no guarantee, based on a thumbnail
lino. The image will be transferred to the lino.  or two, what age or use has previously been
Any parts not fully transferred will show up      established with a used fount. So... with a
as sƟll black and will need pressing again.       few dry-ink imbrued examples in mind, I
                                                  troƩed off to BarneƩs department store for
When the whole picture has been taken             the bare essenƟals.
onto the lino, carefully remove the
photocopy. Move to a warm window ledge            Some of the solvent based wash up liquids
in the sun to dry. Best done in an outhouse       I have used in the past required respiratory
or held where the smell of paraffin will not        masks to use safely indoors and did
be offensive.                                      not appear to have much affect freeing
                                                  ingrained-on-stains with an overnight
There are probably more technical methods,        soaking. However, the causƟc soda
but this one works for me.                        definitely did! Measuring 160 to 200gsm of
                                                  causƟc soda granules into a litre of tepid tap
                         Jack Raglan (4803)       water proved the ideal cleaning strength.
                                                  Hands 'miƩed' and brush at the ready, each
IDEAS EXCHANGE                                    and every sort was given the aƩenƟon my
                                                  dental hygienist would be proud of! I did
The Editor’s idea of pooling members’             note a residual silky film on the lead that
knowledge and making it available to all in       took two to three liquid detergent washes
the BPS reminded me of a thought I had            to vanquish. With combinaƟon borders
someƟme back on the subject. Would it be          planned for next bank holiday, this proved a
possible to include this informaƟon in the        most saƟsfactory outcome.
List of Members?
                                                                       Giles Edwards (10659)
The details of each member’s prinƟng
methods, equipment and willingness to
pass on their knowledge could be tacked

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