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good number of leaflets and magazines had             NAME THE PRESS? 16
been handed out and forty or fiŌy people had
had a brief taste of leƩerpress prinƟng. Then
just as we were loading up the cars the really
heavy rain arrived. Let's hope for a drier Easter
next year!

                               Alan Brignull (4800)

SHROPSHIRE BRANCH REPORT                             This Press was bought by your editor at the
                                                     Bournemouth ConvenƟon. It has yet to be
STARTING THE YEAR with two of our regular            used, but will be of enormous use when visiƟng
pub meeƟngs, members brought along their             schools and giving talks about leƩerpress.
problems and items of prinƟng interest. One          Please let us know what it is and if any of you
had struck lucky with a bid on the internet          have used one of these presses. Please also
and showed part of the collecƟon of printer's        follow up with any advice and experience that
flowers he had acquired. We also heard that           you may have. Thank you. As alway; replies
Tony Mugridge, who founded our branch                sent by the 10th of the month to the editor@
some thirty years ago, had finally abandoned or sparƟ
leƩerpress and type acquired from him was
proudly shown.

Copies of a Ɵmely leƩerpress pamphlet on
BriƟsh weather were handed out, and also a
recently bought, insulƟng, Victorian valenƟne
to a printer was produced, and photocopies
presented to members (see the cover image of
last month's issue).

Plans for the rest of the year include a trip to
a Wolverhampton press, a barbecue, and a
visit to Blists Hill Museum. Please contact the
secretary for details.

                             Peter Criddle (6562)


1 5 LAST MONTH'S NAME THE PRESS                      Paul Whoolley (10640) writes: The press is a
                                                     copy of the Golding Pearl No 1, an 8x5 press.
produced two interesƟng answers, not least           The curve on the back of the platen is a clue,
because I always thought that the press was a        there would have been a brass plate with
Pearl copy, but was not totally sure.                Pearl on, copies did not have a plate as far as
                                                     I know. The connecƟng rod on the right, the
Thus I produce the answer from both Paul             gaps in the casƟng for the feed board brackets
Woolley and George Webb and aƩach another            and bolt fiƫng to the stand are Pearl.
picture of the press, taken from a different
angle, for them to add further comment.                                                              ‘ÊÄã®Äç›Ý փ¦› Ϗϗ ...

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