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Chris Green (7614)

The Guest Speaker, who responded to the         Sunday morning held the promise of two
‘Toast to our Guests’, was Roy Caslon who       more talks – Ron Watson spoke about some
had earlier in the day, together with his       of his findings at the recent IPEX exhibiƟon
son Richard, been among those running a         and his own impressions of the way in which
Trade Stand. The Caslon family are direct       the prinƟng industry is moving and his wife
descendants of William Caslon, the man who      Jean then went to the other end of the scale
(according to Simon Loxley in Type: The Secret  and gave an impressive demonstraƟon of
History of LeƩers) single-handedly created      how to employ an Adana 8x5 to produce
the type industry in Britain in the early c18.  thermographed cards, using some of the
Roy started by explaining that he was aware     thermo powder that Roy Caslon had kindly
that he had not been the first choice of Dorset  donated to her on the previous day.
Branch as a Guest Speaker; we were never let
into the secret of that first choice but he (or  All in all, this was a most saƟsfactory weekend
she) could not have beƩered Roy’s speech.       and it fully lived up to expectaƟons. It is too
He did admit to being pracƟsed in Rotary        early (as I write) to know of the financial
Club aŌer-dinner speeches, but I cannot         outcome but Ron Watson, chairman of the
remember a speech being so well received at     Dorset Branch, was at pains to point out that
a ConvenƟon Dinner. Nobody actually fell off     the costs have been kept as low as possible
their chair with laughter but there were some   by every single member of the Branch making
near misses – and I did spot several people     a contribuƟon and, with very few excepƟons,
making notes of some of the more memorable      not making any charge for their work.
jokes. Certainly an evening to remember.
                                                ΄›½Êó΅ ÙÊù ‘ƒÝ½ÊÄ ãƒ½»®Ä¦ ãÊ ƒ—Ù®ƒÄ ãÊó½›Ù

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