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but none overlapped, so that somebody              of this some awards were made at the end
who was determined to do so could aƩend
everything that was happening.                     of the AGM. Two were the Beatrice Warde

The main event of Friday evening, following        Trophy, which
Dinner and the EC meeƟng, was Tim Honnor’s
talk on the BaƩle of Jutland – this Ɵme            is awarded to
complete with slides.
                                                   the member
Saturday followed the usual paƩern of the
Trade show and Bring-and-buy in the morning,       who has
along with the Publishing Group AGM, and
the aucƟon and Society AGM in the aŌernoon.        contributed
The various stands at the Trade Show aƩracted
much interest, and as in previous years most of    “the most
the unsold Bring-and-Buy items were entered
into the aucƟon (where some of them sold for       meritorious
less than the previously-looked-for price).
There was a minor hiatus during the early
aŌernoon when some rooms in the hotel were         published in
without hot water, but fortunately the hotel
managed to sort this out within a couple of        Small Printer”
                                                   and the
The AGM passed without incident, following
the usual paƩern. The accounts were                President’s
accepted and, following a quesƟon from
the floor, the Treasurer explained that             Award.
as the Society is not a charity it is unable
to take advantage of the beƩer rates of            These were
interest offered to charitable bodies.
The EC had already agreed, following a             presented to
recommendaƟon from the Treasurer, that
the Society annual subscripƟon should              Ron Prosser
remain unchanged from last year although
next year is likely to see a rise. The results of  and Liz Nelson
the nominaƟons for the membership of the
EC were announced and this included three          respecƟvely.
Councillors appointed by the officers of the
EC following a democraƟc ballot.                   The PG Award    ÙÊÄ ÖÙÊÝݛ٠ƒ‘‘›Öã®Ä¦ 㫛 ›ƒãÙ®‘› óƒÙ—›
                                                   and Cup were    ‘çÖ ¥ÙÊà ‘«Ù®Ý ¦Ù››Ä
The EC had received noƟce that some
members (including, on this occasion, the          also presented by Ron Prosser.
Guest Speaker) wished to leave soon aŌer
the end of the Annual Dinner and because           The next item on the ConvenƟon agenda
                                                   was the Annual Dinner. This provoked many
                                                   compliments, not only on the quality of
                                                   the food provided but also on the service.
                                                   As ConvenƟon Dinners go this one will be
                                                   remembered for some Ɵme! Everyone
                                                   aƩending was given an envelope containing
                                                   the entries for the Sussex Cup. As usual,
                                                   these were many and varied but the Guest
                                                   Speaker had no hesitaƟon in picking out a
                                                   parƟcularly fine piece of leƩerpress prinƟng
                                                   by Paul Hatcher, who received the award at
                                                   the end of the Dinner.

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