Page 11 - June 2014
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Fred Eagles

Ron Rookes demonstrates his technique of        Adana 8 x 5, is a delight to behold. It is very
creaƟng miniature books from a single forme     well done indeed, and legible. InteresƟngly,
printed on one side of a large sheet of paper   it is not the same image as the enlargement
which is then creaƟvely cut and creased in      on Bob Richardson’s earlier leaf, but that was
a spiral fashion to make an intriguing small    from a 1925 example and Monotype obviously
book. I have seen examples of this method       has improved upon its punch-cuƫng in later
before with his ConvenƟon PersonaliƟes          years. My only (very minor) criƟcism of Peter’s
booklets, being photographs of some of          page is that the card should have been beƩer
the visitors taken by Ron at various BPS        stuck to the page; it came loose and may fall
                                                out of the book with excessive handling.

                                                The card covers are by Bob Richardson and
                                                feature a selecƟon of magnifying glasses and

ConvenƟons, and they are excellent. Ron         linen testers. The Ɵtle line on the front cover
shows the whole modus operandi in full, with    is in a strange face, possibly hand-drawn, but
the template of the page layout, the sequence   more likely digitally created for the occasion.
of folding and the parƟal cuƫng of the sheet    The Ɵtle page, the list of contributors and the
to form the inner pages. The cover sheet is a   binding are by Ron Rookes, and John Holmes
separate exercise, similar but simpler. Ron’s   provides a Roll of Honour (aŌer the style
pages are fully illustrated with examples of    found in It’s a Small World) to round off the
the sequence of events required to create this  volume.
miniature volume.
                                                A limited number of copies of this excellent
Peter White claims to be no more than an        collaboraƟon are available from the BPS
amateur printer’s devil but his reproducƟon     Mailer: Ron Rookes, 57 Craiston Way, Great
of the previously menƟoned Lord’s Prayer on     Baddow, Chelmsford, CM12 8ED for £7.50
a 12 pt em, printed on a surfaced card on an    including postage and packing (UK) or £9.75
                                                overseas. Please make your cheque payable to
                                                BPS Publishing Group.

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