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Rarely does one come across an impression           you the opportunity to cut out and bind a
taken, intenƟonally, from a chase but John          copy of this same Miniature Christmas Book
Holmes surrounds his text in Garamond with          for yourself. Ron’s contribuƟon is an excellent
this image to demonstrate the limitaƟons of         full colour piece, reminiscent of the miniature
his first Adana HS2 press and how it came to         books which appeared in the 1950s and ’60s,
limit his earliest producƟons to prinƟng in         but then set leƩerpress, when there was an
miniature. Owen Legg follows with the story of      unofficial compeƟƟon among hobby printers
Tom Thumb set in 6 pt Perpetua accompanied          as to who could make the smallest legible
by an illustraƟon of the hero of the piece.         volume.
Rachel Marsh sets squares of Monotype border
units in blue, overlaid with larger units in red
alongside a short commentary on how Kodak
has survived the change to newer technologies.

֛ã›Ù ‘Ù®——½› ΄ƒÊò›΅, ÙÊÄ ÙÊÊ»›Ý ΄Ã®——½›΅ ƒÄ— ك‘«›½ ÃÙÝ« ΄Ù®¦«ã΅

There was a Ɵme when the smallest metal             Lanston Monotype and the Monotype
font generally available was Claritas, a 4¾ pt      CorporaƟon in the UK have both
size cut for use by The Times in its small-ad       demonstrated in the past their skills at
columns. John Miller has two different pages         microscopic punch cuƫng by issuing pieces of
showing how Ɵmes have changed: on his               type, usually a 12 pt em square, bearing the
first, a Japanese company now measures its           whole of Lord’s Prayer on the prinƟng surface.
font sizes in microns (!) in an aƩempt to foil      (John Easson has printed Nebiolo’s Ave Maria
counterfeiters and, on the second, MaƩhew           on an earlier page.) Bob Richardson enlarges
Welch from allows you to             both companies’ images to show the quality
download a TrueType font which is just four         which could be obtained. (On balance the
pixels high (because he can?).                      Lanston version is of a higher standard).

A real miniature book is mounted on the first
page from Ron Prosser, a delighƞully illustrated
story of the birth of Jesus. His second leaf gives

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