Page 9 - July 2014
P. 9

(my membership list is packed ready for          SHROPSHIRE BRANCH
our moving house, so I cannot idenƟfy him/
her!) on producing an entry enƟrely free
from spelling mistakes. Indeed the whole
branch submission appears to have just one
misplaced apostrophe.

I haven’t forgoƩen the cover. It seems to be
cream Astralux, a coated board which has
been printed in black on a Kyocera printer
and hoƞoiled on a Blockmaster. The foiling
is very good, with only one digit slightly
under-impressed. I’m not so sure about the
binding. The aƩempt at gluing the spine of a
combinaƟon of 90gm paper pages and up to
400 micron board hasn’t worked all that well,
and I am nervous of trying to open the book
fully, for fear of breaking the glue. However,
all the pages are centred well for binding. I’m
wondering whether Wiro-binding wouldn’t
be beƩer for this combinaƟon of weights of
stock. All in all a highly commended entry.

                                                 The first impression I have of this entry
                                                 is neatness, accuracy and style, and
                                                 furthermore, a sense of FUN. It is the
                                                 product of just six authors, most of whom
                                                 have submiƩed mulƟple entries. This is
                                                 commendable in a relaƟvely small branch.

                                                 The front cover is on 230 micron grey board
                                                 printed in deep red, announcing 'Just Our
                                                 Type' and is by Peter Criddle. Inside is a
                                                 selecƟon, by Margaret Criddle, of 19 versions
                                                 of ampersand and ‘et’ symbols, and on the
                                                 reverse are the typefaces which feature them.
                                                 A most interesƟng page. The next page,
                                                 printed leƩerpress in black and red by Emma
                                                 Wilcock is a quotaƟon by Beatrice Warde. It’s
                                                 well printed, with only minimal evidence of
                                                 heavy impression. I’m not sure what the paper
                                                 is, but it feels about 120gm.

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