Page 8 - July 2014
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Perhaps it is Ɵme for it to be redrawn? His
                                                  second page, on cream stock, is a reminder of
                                                  the start of two world wars, a mere 25 years

the various names of wedding anniversaries,       Mike Edwards’ submission is four pages of
on a cream Mellotex sheet printed in two          probably 100gm white stock printed red
colours by Paul Warne. (I’ve oŌen wondered        and black. His subjects are birthdays and
about the naming of the intervening years         anniversaries, and include Eric Gill, Hendrik
between 15 and 20, 25 and 30, and so on.          Werkman, Berthold Wolpe and Tomohiro
SuggesƟons on a postcard…?). Then follow          Nishikado (he who created ‘Space Invaders’)
seven pages by Ian Cork, running the gamut        Very cleanly printed, I know not by what
from Silver to BPS 70th. Each is hoƞoil printed   means, but very professional. I love his
on 350-400 micron Conqueror card of varying       selecƟon of logo on each page.
colours appropriate to the anniversary, with
a final sheet plugging Ian’s servieƩe prinƟng      Paul Warne follows with a poƩed life and
enterprise, together with a sample of same.       business history, again on cream Mellotex
                                                  90gm, printed black with red and blue Ɵtles.
The next sheet depicts the 125th anniversary
of the game of Tiddlywinks, printed by            The remaining five pages are printed full
member 8953, as is another commemoraƟng           colour, and celebrate 36 anniversaries
the 50th year of Dr Who, both on 90gm cream       happening in 2014. They range from Sir
stock. Robin Clarke (80 years young!) reminds     Percival PoƩ, an English surgeon, to the death
us of the 70th year of existence of the Society.  of Glenn Miller, the famous band leader of
It is interesƟng here to note how the BPS logo    the 30s and 40s. The entry from member
doesn’t lend itself to major magnificaƟon.         9055 is printed on 90gm white stock, probably
                                                  digitally. I must congratulate this member

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