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from the excellence of the arƟcle which is very   well executed and nicely set off the pages.
nicely laser printed on two leaves extolling
the virtues of Eel Pie and even including         Ron Rookes, has the final say in this landscape
Mrs. Beeton’s menu. Some of the paragraph         book. An intriguing design of the quotaƟon
spacing seems a bit unusual to me, but there      ‘Eat, Drink, & Be Merry’. Ron describes it as
again, there is probably a reason for it of       “Wood type, hand set on an iPad and printed
which I am unaware.                               on a virtual Vandercook SP-15”. Now what
                                                  all that means, I leave you to decipher. To my
                                                  mind, it is a sheet produced well on a desk
                                                  jet or a laser printer in four or five colours on
                                                  maƩ cream board.

                                                  This is an absorbing publicaƟon that is a joy
                                                  to read. Just a pity there were eleven typo’s
                                                  excluding my queries regarding apostrophes.

‘A Printers’ Meal’ carries on the same theme      LINCOLNSHIRE BRANCH
and with the same quesƟon regarding
apostrophes in my mind. ‘A Printer’s Meal’        I ALWAYS LOOK FORWARD to seeing the
or ‘Printers’ Meals’ seem more correct to         submission from Lincolnshire Branch, simply
me but I may well be wrong and Mike Perry         because it is the branch with which Bernie
whose contribuƟon it is may well be right. He     Rosen was closely involved in seƫng up. His
writes that his visits to Turkey give him the     energy and enthusiasm in geƫng the show
ideal opportunity to introduce us to the spicy    on the road in the nineƟes was unstoppable,
dish of Adana Kebab washed down with Ayran        and although the fortunes of the branch have
yogurt and a suitable photograph illustrates      been a somewhat roller-coaster ride, it sƟll
this delicacy. A very appropriate leaf for a BPS  has a fully-funcƟoning heart.
book and well digitally printed on white card.
                                                  Their 2013 entry is all about 'Anniversaries'.
Two leaves are the next tasty offering from        It is all A5 and comprises twenty two printed
Margaret Rookes reminding us of the ‘Self-        pages, two endpapers and a drawn on cover,
Sufficiency’ that we had to deal with in the        more of which later. We are firstly reminded of
1930’s from the keeping of the family pig to
making rook pie with figgy pastry where all
you had to do to start was to skin half a dozen
rooks once you had caught them. Two very
fine leaves printed in three colours using a
very readable typeface and illustrated by four
delicate sketches. I wonder if they were also
sketched by Margaret? They are certainly very

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