Page 6 - July 2014
P. 6

'FOOD AND DRINK' was the subject chosen            Another beauƟfully leƩerpress printed leaf
by the Essex Branch for their wiro-bound           from BPS member 10631. ‘A day without
submission. Another eye-catching cream             wine is like a day without sunshine’ is the
cover printed in black and red produced by         moƩo printed in black and red in what I
Ron Rookes as are the Title Page and List of       think is Castellar typeface with two suitably
Contributors all of which are proporƟonately       contrasƟng ornate leƩers. Finished with two
composed and well printed.                         appropriate line blocks.

The opening arƟcle by John Alexander deals
with ‘Meals in Flight’ but not in an aeroplane
but in the airship Graf Zeppelin. An interesƟng
opening to the book and an unusual
composite of leƩerpress text and laserprint
graphics all printed in black on white paper.

Alan Brignull’s leaf enƟtled ‘Colchester           Four perfectly printed by litho, I would guess,
SweeƟes’ immediately drew my aƩenƟon               full colour leaves follow, produced by Leonard
as I have a very sweet tooth but the sweeƟe        Friend enƟtled ‘Food & Drink’ and what a
shop has long closed its doors in favour           striking and informaƟve contribuƟon they
of a butchery. Alan’s text conƟnues with a         make outlining the watering holes of Fleet
peep into his family tree as he recalls his        Street in its heyday. Wonderful photographs,
great-great-great grandfather’s hairdressing       excellently composed and arranged text
shop across the street and imagines his            printed on a heavy, smooth, semi-gloss, white
three children buying bullseyes from the           paper. This would make an interesƟng booklet
sweeƟe shop. All of this informaƟon superbly       in its own right. But why, Len, the peculiar
leƩerpress printed in black with a line block      numbering of the pages with page three
of a sweeƟe boƩle printed in red on a yellow       numbered one? With all the other pictures
panel. I have been very careful when adding        relaƟng to drinking places I was very Ɵckled
apostrophes in my text for I have a feeling        by your final picture of a pie and your capƟon,
that Alan missed one in his and knowing how        “Occasionally, someone would order a pie”.
careful he normally is I am loth to point it out.
                                                   Following on we are offered another glimpse
                                                   into Fleet Street by Gwen Harper. This Ɵme
                                                   relaƟng to ‘A Fleet Street Pressmans’ Lunch’.
                                                   Now here I have to admit quibbling again
                                                   over the use of the apostrophe. I would have
                                                   thought that the Ɵtle should have been either
                                                   ‘A Fleet Street Pressman’s Lunch’ or ‘Fleet
                                                   Street Pressmen’s Lunch’ but it detracts liƩle

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