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FROM THE PRESIDENT                                   FROM THE EDITOR

       GOOD NEWS. At a recent meeƟng of                          HAVE FURTHER HIGHLIGHTED THAT
       the ExecuƟve Council we discussed                         TIME NEVER STANDS STILL; and makes
       the posiƟon of AdverƟsing Manager.                        the months seem to pass by quicker than
       No volunteer had come forward; we                         ever! I suspect that with summer upon us,
recognised and understood that Tony Jewell           prinƟng acƟvity within the society may tend to ease
had no wish to conƟnue in the post and we            a bit, so I am glad to report that we are now geƫng a
were faced with two possibiliƟes. One—               liƩle more copy for the magazine. Please keep it up.
admiƩedly rather extreme—opƟon was simply
that we disconƟnue all forms of adverƟsing           This month’s cover is the main picture for the Name
(this now includes that on the website as well       The Press feature: Another picture with some
as the adverƟsements that appear in Small            closer detail of the press can be found on page
Printer); this would result in an annual loss of     fiŌeen. Not only is this press an interesƟng press in
income of some £1,500. No prizes for guessing        its own right, but has a most interesƟng past history
where this would have to come from—the               and story to be told. Before this is all revealed in
annual subscripƟon would have to rise, by            the August issue of Small Printer, the editorial
probably £5. The other opƟon open to us              team will be delighted to hear if any members have
was for the EC as a whole, or perhaps a sub-         visited the place where this press is on show and
commiƩee of it, to look aŌer the adverƟsing.         seen some of its fascinaƟng output. So please let us
This would not be an easy task—you may               know; and/or get your thinking caps on and come
be familiar with the expression “a camel is a        back with some suggesƟons.
horse designed by a commiƩee”.
                                                     And I make no apologies, as Chair of the BPS
While we were deliberaƟng this, two of our           2015 Annual ConvenƟon in Montrose, to urge
Councillors, Ron and Jean Watson, were busy          you to get your applicaƟon forms in early. We
passing notes back and forth to one another.         obviously need to know as soon as possible—to
Eventually they let the rest of us into the secret:  avoid some sleepless nights—that we will have
they were willing to take on the role. Jean          a criƟcal mass of delegates. As our President
(who is one of our longest-serving members)          pointed out in his leƩer last month, the weekend
was AdverƟsing Manager many years ago;               price is somewhat less than previous years.
Ron, as well as being a recent past President, is    This, in no way ,will reflect on the quality of
also chairman of Dorset Branch. We knew our          the weekend. The hotel is very well suited to
adverƟsing would be in safe hands!                   our requirements and is central and friendly.
                                                     When we visited, lunch was quite excellent
Changing the subject enƟrely, you may be             and very reasonably priced too. We also have a
aware of ‘Art in AcƟon’. This is an event that       most interesƟng and mulƟfaceted person—also
takes place at Waterperry, near Oxford, and this     running a private press—who has kindly agreed
year is on from 17th–20th July. Find out more        to be our Guest Speaker.
at arƟnacƟ While there is no official
BPS visit planned, several members will be           Montrose is a charming and interesƟng town,
going on Friday 18th. I haven’t been before but      perhaps somewhat stuck in the past, which gives
I am assured that there is something there for       it added aƩracƟon. It is also well placed from
everyone—so if you are able to come along, I am      which to conƟnue a holiday to both the north or
sure you will not be disappointed. See you there!    south (or west)—one cannot go much further
                                                     east than Montrose!

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