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Pat Swadling (10453)

What a mixture! The items ranged from            just for fun, and it was definitely not easy. I
beauƟfully printed booklets to the plain         will leave readers to work out what it says ...
wacky. Nearly everything had been                but be warned, that's not easy, either.
printed by members of ISPA (InternaƟonal
Small Printers' AssociaƟon); NAPA                I spent a very happy wet aŌernoon going
(NaƟonal Amateur Press AssociaƟon);              through the envelopes and I will be taking
AAPA (American Amateur Press                     a selecƟon of pieces to a Dorset Branch
AssociaƟon) and one or two items came            meeƟng, and hopefully Tim will be pleased
from members of BAPA (BriƟsh Amateur             to have another item for the Small Printer
Press AssociaƟon) and the Australian             (by the way, congratulaƟons to the Editorial
Amateur Press AssociaƟon.                        Team on taking the Small Printer into colour);
                                                 and thank you Mr. Reg Mason for keeping, or
Two things stood out; every piece of work        should I say hoarding, everything and allowing
had been hand-set and invariably printed         us a look in the rear view mirror at amateur
on an Adana 8-5, which must have taken           prinƟng in years gone by.
hours. As an ex-newspaper Linotype
operator—speed was essenƟal—the                  The pleasing thing is that members of the
standard of workmanship and skills leŌ           BriƟsh PrinƟng Society are sƟll upholding
me very impressed; incidentally the              the tradiƟons of producing quality prinƟng
same people seem to produce something            whether hand-set and printed on an Adana or
different every month!                            by more modem means.

Another fascinaƟng thing are the
wonderfully imaginaƟve Ɵtles of the
booklets and news sheets. Some are even
printed on hand-made paper, and one liƩle
booklet from Minur-Pruf is printed on "the
New Economy Pack SoŌ Pink Kleenex”!

Incidentally the booklets range from four to
eight pages and in size from 5 x 6 inches to
8 x 4 inches. I expected the contents to be
all about prinƟng, but they mainly contain a
great deal of informaƟon about the member's
family, poetry and jokes wriƩen by them, all
rather dated now.

Back to the Ɵtles of the items .... How about
COO-EE (Australia); The Outlander from the
Sign of The Hobby Horse Press (Kent); Blue
Skies (Miami); The-Har-Mark (Pennsylvania;
Happy Daze (Ohio); Take-A-Pull (Manchester);
The Lemon Drop (Washington DC).

I must menƟon one parƟcular item
(illustrated) that the compositor set in the
round, I tried this once on a very small scale,

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