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COUNCIL                          BPS Convention
                                           Print Bundle
                                                   ART OF THE ENJOYMENT OF
AT THE FIRST meeƟng of the new Ex-                 PRINTING IS, FOR MANY PEOPLE,
ecuƟve Council, Jean and I agreed to take          ADDING NEW ITEMS TO THE PRINT
on the responsibiliƟes of the posiƟon of   SHOP, BUT FOR ME AS A COLLECTOR IT
AdverƟsing Manager.                        ALSO MEANS I ALSO LIKE OLD ORIGINAL
                                           PRINTED EPHEMERA WHICH SHOW
We are following on from Tony Jewell,      THE SKILLS OF THE COMPOSITOR AND
who has over the past few years, built up  MACHINE MINDER. IT IS THE VICTORIAN,
a healthy income for the Society and we    THE 1920S AND 1930S ADVERTISING PIECES
hope to conƟnue this in the future.        THAT USUALLY CATCH MY EYE BECAUSE
                                           OF THE ORNATE AND OFTEN OBSCURE
We hope those members who have             TYPEFACES USED, BUT IF LETTERPRESS
supported the Society with their adverts,  PRINTED, THE MORE MODEM STILL FINDS
will conƟnue to do so and we will try our  A HOME IN MY COLLECTION.
best to find new people and companies
who might be able to offer products and     At the recent Bournemouth ConvenƟon,
services to the members.                   our President Chris Green had a table full of
                                           printed ephemera. Chris tells me the collecƟon
                     Jean and Ron Watson   came from Mr. Reg Mason, (BPS member №
                                           5192), who sadly passed away. A relaƟve of his
                                           contacted one of the EC members and it was
                                           adverƟsed to the membership via a flyer in the
                                           Bundle; the remainder of it was brought to the
                                           ConvenƟon. The collecƟon consisted mainly of
                                           items daƟng from the 1950s mostly produced
                                           by members of several different American
                                           amateur press associaƟons. Everything was in
                                           envelopes, in no parƟcular order, and there
                                           was far too much to sort through or cherry
                                           pick, but a quick scan through showed it had
                                           the potenƟal to be rather interesƟng. As a
                                           collector, I had to take some home, so like
                                           several other people, I picked up a couple of
                                           quite full envelopes (they were free, thank you
                                           Chris), on the basis that I could spend a very
                                           happy wet aŌernoon going through them and
                                           might even find a real “gem".

                                           The wet aŌernoon duly arrived, so I seƩled
                                           down to see what my pot luck choices were
                                           going to contain and I wasn't disappointed…

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