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with comfortable places to sit for the workers’         DORSET REPORT ͷ MAY
breaks. Outside was a small but immaculate              The May meeƟng of the Dorset Branch was the
garden, and on the inside even personalised             delayed Annual General MeeƟng, due to the
wallpaper produced by the firm. A really happy           work being done to host the 2014 ConvenƟon.
place to work, and populated by a contented             Only six members were able to aƩend, but the
workforce, it was in short the perfect set-up.          quorum condiƟon were met and the meeƟng
I had expected that in a commercial prinƟng             The agenda was as usual on these occasions,
works, there would be a high noise level, but           with reports from the Secretary and Treasurer.
again I was surprised by the muted notes of             Members were reminded by the Secretary's
the presses as they gently swished through the          report, of the amount of work everyone had
work load. Altogether it appeared to be a very          put in over the past year. We had received
pleasant place to work. Peter took Ɵme to explain       various comments from members, who had
about the green credenƟals of the ultra high-tech       contacted the branch to express their thanks.
machines which surrounded us. They were all             The Treasurer's report showed we had covered
controlled from one small suite of computers            all the expenses and actually made a profit, due
by one man. One of the many benefits of                  to some late changes and savings being made.
belonging to the B.P.S. is that it takes you to places  There will be a Dorset Printer's Pie this year
you would not normally go, and opens doors to           and it will be entered for the Bernard Rosen
other worlds. It was a privilege to be able to visit    Award. The branch also fixed the dates for their
Reprohouse and briefly marvel at the state-of-           meeƟngs for the remainder of this year.
art prinƟng technology which now exists.                In a change to previous years, the branch will
                                                        now meet at 4.00 pm on a Wednesday, unless
Thank you to Peter Castle and his staff for a            otherwise stated, to allow members to avoid
wonderful visit.                                        night Ɵme traveling.

                            Chris Brinson (10631)                                       Ron Watson (6955)

                                                               ã«®Ý ½Ê‘» óƒÝ ÖÙ®Ä㛗 ù 㫛 ½ƒã› ÖÝ Ã›Ã›Ù
                                                               ®½½ ãƒù½ÊÙ, ®Ä «®Ý »››Ö݃»› ¥Ê٠㫛 ÖÝ ƒÄÄ烽
                                                               ‘ÊÄò›Äã®ÊÄ «›½— ƒã Ù®ÖÖÊÄ ®Ä Ϗϗϗϑ.

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