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On Wednesday 4th June seven members of the
Essex branch were invited to the extensive and
impressive premises of Reprohouse, Drakes
Lane Industrial Estate, Boreham, Chelmsford,
Essex. CM3 3BE.

This visit was organised by our Chairman, Len     The size of the images being reproduced was
Friend. We were warmly greeted by Peter           the most impressive aspect of the producƟon.
Castle, the Manager of Reprohouse, who            The mulƟ-tasking of the presses was also quite
conducted us around the extensive and ultra       something to see. They could fold, trim, and
modern premises. Originally founded about         encapsulate in one producƟon run. I wondered
12 years ago, the company had started life in     at what stage of the colour prinƟng industry had
a barn in the liƩle village of Pleshey in Essex,  Ɵns of ink suddenly become wax beads in the
but had expanded to the current large scale       process colours. Two metre wide encapsulaƟon
commercial premises employing a staff of           was possible and the length of the image could
eight people. To a died-in-the-wool amateur       be as long as you wished. All the wide format
leƩerpress printer it was something of a culture  printers were roll fed. A lot of the turnover of the
shock to see the high tech machines in full       business is prinƟng planning applicaƟon plans
swing, and I marvelled at the speed and superb    for large scale building projects. The B.P.S. stand
finish of the work being printed. The Océ          at the IPEX exhibiƟon this year had benefiƩed
presses of the largest size available were not    by having Ron Rookes’ artwork for the panels
an investment for the faint hearted, starƟng      printed by Reprohouse, and what a professional
as they did from about £100,000 per machine.      finish, presented to the commercial print world.
They had an esƟmated life of about ten years
before being made commercially redundant.         Our group, consisƟng of Len and Sandra Friend,
                                                  Ron and Margaret Rookes, Chris and Jenny
                                                  Brinson and Ken Wright, were given tea and
                                                  coffee with biscuits by Peter Castle as he told
                                                  us enthusiasƟcally about running a modern
                                                  prinƟng business. I was impressed at the way
                                                  he cared for his staff, and by the cleanliness
                                                  and pleasant surroundings of the print works,

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