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quesƟon about NCR paper and that developed        platen, Models 1, 3 and 4, a Pearl platen and a
into a full-blown debate about the transiƟon      blocking press. Also displayed were his Model
from fan-fed dot-matrix printers to present-      2, an Excelsior and an Ajax; the last two similar
day NCR prinƟng. But the highlight of the         to Models. Unfortunately the Ajax had breaks in
evening was a beauƟful liƩle family book, an      the frame at the same point on each side, and
heirloom from the 1940s, which Anke had           had evidently been broken and repaired before.
been working on for short-run prinƟng. It was     A design fault that would account for the rarity
the output of a 14-year old, typed and hand-      of the machine.
leƩered on brown war-Ɵme paper with lovely
liƩle illustraƟons. Thank you Anke for showing    We were invited to operate all the manual
us this gem, for hosƟng the meeƟng, and for       presses and print some souvenirs. It was
laying out refreshments for us.                   parƟcularly interesƟng that John had cast all the
                                                  rollers for these presses himself, using the old
                              Bob Edwards (9527)  glue, sugar and glycerine recipe.

Ý«ÙÊÖÝ«®Ù› ÙƒÄ‘« ‘«ƒ®ÙÃƒÄ ¦Ùƒ«ƒÃ Ý»®ã㠑½®Ã®Ä¦ ãÊ ã«› ‘ÊÃÖÊݮĦ ÙÊÊà ƒÄ— ›øƒÃ®Ä®Ä¦ ãù֛

SHROPSHIRE BRANCH REPORT                          Some of us were brave enough to tackle the
                                                  steep ladder up to the composing room, and
April saw a small group of us descend             wonder how it would be carrying heavy formes
on our friend John Neave at his press in          up and down. Thanks to John a great aŌernoon
Wolverhampton. John has been prinƟng for          was had by all.
an amazing sixty five years and is as keen as
ever. For our entertainment he had his two                                        Peter Criddle (6562)
Heidlebergs running, together with an Arab
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