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BRANCH REPORTS                                    offset, and Anke had produced an excellent
                                                        design for this. However, the press was having
LINCOLNSHIRE AND DISTRICT BRANCH ͷ                      none of this and claimed that it was not being
MAY 2014                                                fed enough electricity or something like that
We met up at Paul and Wendy's in Louth for              and would not work. It turned out, aŌer the
our May meeƟng, and were very pleased to                meeƟng and aŌer the repairman has visited,
welcome new BPS member, Graham Jackson,                 that a Ɵny baƩery had failed in the press. SƟll,
to the meeƟng. Graham has a long and varied             we had a tour round the press and amongst
background in reprographics, and we were                the other items in the large garage (including
all too glad to hear of his experiences, and            a Heidelberg and a motorcycle) was an Adana
look forward to seeing him at future branch             8-5. Could anyone else hear it say ‘I can
meeƟngs.                                                print that’? This setback did mean that we
                                                        had more Ɵme for chat, some of which even
Sadly Barbara Cork was unable to aƩend the              concerned prinƟng and the ConvenƟon. Chris
meeƟng, having been admiƩed Ɵo hospital                 handed over some more Maidenhead Branch
earlier in the week. We all signed a card for           archive items, including some of his wonderful
her, and look forward to seeing her again               handwriƩen newsleƩers. I am not tempted
soon. Otherwise the meeƟng was largely taken            to follow suit as no one would be able to read
up with discussion about the year's plans,              my wriƟng. Chris also brought along a folder
and a date was set for our trip to the Paper            of keepsakes from the 1974 ConvenƟon which
Trail in Herƞordshire later this year. Our next         was held at Reading. The Sussex Cup and
meeƟng will be at the branch's annual summer            Rosen Award were brought along, and shared
barbecue.                                               the table for a while. Finally, many thanks to
                                                        Caroline for her marvellous spread of food,
                                                        keeping us well fed and watered throughout
                                                        the evening.

                                                                                    Paul Hatcher (10648)

Ö®‘ãçٛ ‘ƒÖã®ÊÄ: ¹Ê«Ä ƒÄ— Ùʐ®Ä ®ÄÝãÙç‘ã ¦Ùƒ«ƒÃ ®Ä 㫛  MAIDENHEAD BRANCH ͷ JUNE
¥®Ä› ƒÙã Ê¥ ÖÊݮĦ ¥ÊÙ ƒ ÙƒÄ‘« ۛã®Ä¦ Ö«ÊãÊ.
                                                        The BPS Maidenhead Branch met on 3rd June
MAIDENHEAD BRANCH ͷ MAY                                 at the home of Anke Ueberberg [10443] in
On 13 May we met at Richard Owen’s at                   Reading, a relaxed and convivial meeƟng.
Cookham. Barry, Anke, Chris, Richard and Paul           Besides Anke, present were Paul, Barry,
aƩended. The original aim of the meeƟng was             Richard, Chris, Bob. There was no opportunity
to print a flier for our Open Day on Richard’s           for prinƟng, but we looked at Anke’s print
                                                        workshop and aŌerwards there was there was
                                                        plenty of print-related discussion. Bob brought
                                                        along some copies of 1930s adverƟsements
                                                        that he had seen in a recent exhibiƟon. Chris
                                                        had unearthed some early Branch records, so
                                                        there was the inevitable chat about Secretary
                                                        Roy Langford and his passion for literally
                                                        recording every meeƟng using a state-of-
                                                        the-art casseƩe recorder! Someone asked a

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