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Peter Criddle (6562)               NAME THE PRESS? 17

and clean. The catalogue finished, I was given                 As menƟoned in the editor’s leƩer, the cover
noƟce, but at the same Ɵme was informed by                    picture is the main image for this month’s
the clicker of the room, honest Albert Bolton,                compeƟƟon, with the picture above showing
that should I wish to come back again I was                   some close up detail. Please answer the
to keep in touch with his brother Bill. Brother               following quesƟons:
Bill was the hard-working, conscienƟous T.A.                  1. Who are the makers of the Press?
district and branch secretary. He was also the                2. Where is this press on show?
reader on our floor, and a very likeable man. If               3. What was this press used for?
Brother Bill knew where to find me he would                    4. What was the name of the printer who
let me know when a vacancy occurred. He did
more: he sent me straight to Redhill, giving                     used this press?
me my Removal Card to Mr Fitch, the branch                    The story of this press will appear in next
secretary there, who worked with his father-                  month's issue of Small Printer. As always;
in-law in the office in which the vacancy had                   replies sent by the 10th of the month to the
occurred …                                           or sparƟcles@
                                                               Ö®‘ãçٛ ݛÄã ®Ä ù ֛ã›Ù ‘Ù®——½› ΄ϔϓϔϐ΅
This arƟcle is reprinted by kind permission of Mrs Paul EveƩ
from Useful Toil, autobiographies of working people from
the I820s to the I920s, edited by Professor John BurneƩ
(Allen Lane) 1974. Copyright © Estate of Paul EveƩ 1974.


We've had two correct answers from last
month. Peter Criddle (6562) sent in a picture
and writes:

THIS PRESS looks like a Rejafix and I too bought
one at a BPS convenƟon as I admired the
elegance of its construcƟon. I know nothing
of its history but it is an offset leƩerpress
machine, so requires reverse type or plates;
or just use as I do with illustraƟon blocks.
The inking is automaƟc and the type or
block presses down on to a pad from where
the image can be transferred. Very useful
for unusual jobs such as personalising your
banana. Mine could do with a new impression
pad if anybody can help.

Nick Smith (7951) emailed: I would say (guess)
it'a a Rejafix:

So well done to both Peter and Nick. Peter’s
explanaƟon says it all. It is a very well made
press and even the inking roller has an
oscillaƟng movement.

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