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Bob Edwards (9527)             DD II AARRYY

Report towards the back of this magazine.          8th July............. Maidenhead Branch
If you live in London and want to meet other       Paul Hatcher, Woodley
BPS members for prinƟng-related acƟviƟes,
then please contact MaƩ on 07836 785505.           12th July........... Essex Branch
You will be most welcome.                          Gwen Harper, Wickford

It is an established fact that members of the      19th July............ Essex Branch
BriƟsh PrinƟng Society who are fortunate           Pat Walker, The Aspen Press, Orford
enough to be a member of a BPS Branch take
a bigger interest in the affairs of the Society     31st July ............ South Wales Branch
and remain members for a long period of            IniƟal suggesƟon to cancel this meeƟng
Ɵme. It’s the old adage: the more you give         due to holidays—please comment.
to something, the more you get out of it,
and that is true of the BPS. Being a Branch        2nd August ........ Essex Branch
member takes some dedicaƟon and Ɵme, but           Alan Brignull—The Hedgehog Press,
the rewards are great and there is usually a       Adanaland, Wivenhoe
lot of fun to be had. PrinƟng skills improve
and problems are solved when those with            10th August....... Maidenhead Branch
an interest in print meet together. London         Barry Gilbert, AŌernoon BBQ, Reading
isn’t the only place where the BriƟsh PrinƟng
Society has a concentraƟon of members. The         13th-14th Sept .. Essex Branch Roadshow
South Wales Branch which recently re-formed        Essex Country Show, Barleylands,
is flourishing, as is the Shropshire Branch         Billericay
where three new members have joined this
year. Where else? What about the Blackpool         25th Sept........... South Wales Branch
– Preston area and the Gloucester – Stroud         Planning meeƟng for 2015
area? Wish you could be in a BPS Branch.
Make my day. Contact me at vicepresident@          27th Sept........... Maidenhead Branch to start another liƩle miracle.      Open Day at Wokingham Methodist

LETTERPRESS POLYMER                                       ƒãã›Äã®ÊÄ
                                                            ěó ÛЛÙÝ
 24 Hour service. SAE for brochure to:
                                                   If you are new to the Society and want to find out
   Peacock, 6 William Street,                      about your local Branch, or if you want to start up
Berkhamstead, Herts. HP4 2EL
                                                       a new Branch in your area, please contact:
        Tel. 01442 872956
                                                     Bob Edwards Tel: 01252 615439 or

                                                   GROW A BRANCH
                                                    IN YOUR AREA!

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