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              RISES FROM THE ASHES!

      Fourteen BPS members                       held at the home of William Rouse [10330] in
have joined the inactive                         Earls Court with seven BPS members present.
London Branch and a new                          Over the weeks that followed, more members
Chairman and Secretary been                      were added to the mailing list and some ideas
appointed! What’s more, this                     for future meeƟngs were discussed. Eventually
miracle happened in one of                       (it seemed an age) a second meeƟng was
London’s special printing                        agreed, to be held on Thursday 22nd May at
establishments, the St Bride                     the St Bride Library.
Library, off Fleet Street, close
to where Wynken de Worde                         Our guide for the tour of the building was
set up shop following the                        Bob Richardson who has been a member of
death of Caxton. But what                        London Branch for many years and took over
was this phenomenon and                          the post of Branch Secretary from the late
why did it occur on 22nd                         Tony Ray. Branch numbers had dwindled to a
May? Read on...                                  handful and several years ago, Bob expressed
                                                 a wish to give up the posiƟon if someone else
             T’S NOT OFTEN that we have          would take it on. London was the first official
              sufficient members in one area       BPS local group and it organised the very first
              of the country sufficient to start   ConvenƟon in 1947, so it is our oldest BPS
              a new BPS Branch, but ever since   Branch. No records exist that show London
              I have been taking an interest in  Branch meeƟng at the St Bride Library, but I
              new joiners to the Society and     felt a very powerful sense of prinƟng heritage
where they live, I noƟced that there were        when we sat down aŌer the tour to discuss
many new members with London addresses;          where the Central London Group was heading.
in fact fiŌeen altogether over a period of        I imagined that Bill Brace and his colleagues
three years. When I ploƩed the addresses         may have discussed their prinƟng in the very
onto my membership map, it was evident           same place that we were meeƟng. There was
that the members lived mostly within a few       certainly something guiding us because the
miles of the centre of London. Back in January   members present unanimously expressed
of this year, I decided to take the plunge and   a wish to join the London Branch and two
send out some invitaƟons to form a Central       Officers were forthcoming: William Rouse
London Group and to my surprise, interested      as Chairman and MaƩ McKenzie (10577) as
responses came back in a steady stream.          Secretary. The members present thanked Bob
On 15th February, an inaugural meeƟng was        Richardson for giving such an interesƟng tour
                                                 and also for the dedicaƟon he had put into
                                                 BPS London Branch over the years. For further
                                                 detail, please see MaƩ McKenzie’s first Branch

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