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Colin Angior (4219)             EX LIBRIS

As all members know, Ron Prosser and I have                 WAS PLEASED to be able to take
shared the judging of this year’s entries. We               some of the BPS Library to the
both have similar standards and criteria to                 Bournemouth ConvenƟon in April
follow, but we both ended up by selecƟng the          and was delighted in the interest shown
Maidenhead Branch entry to be the winner              by members who were there. As it was
for 2013. We offer them our congratulaƟons,            the Society’s 70th Anniversary I thought a
and hope that our criƟque of the other entries        selecƟon of books which would have been
will spur the non-winners to even greater             available to our earliest members was
efforts next year!                                     appropriate and, as I crouched in our loŌ
                                                      sorƟng through the boxes and deciding
             ALL MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS                  what would be interesƟng, I was struck by
         currently £27 for UK, £42 for Overseas, or   how relevant a lot of those books sƟll are
         noƟficaƟons for change of address, email      today.
          or telephone numbers should be sent to
                                                      However, the library isn’t just an historic
           the Membership Secretary: Margaret         archive and we have many books, covering
         Rookes, 57 Craiston Way, Great Baddow,       a wide range of topics, which are much
                                                      more recent publicaƟons. We have had
                     Chelmsford CM2 8ED.              a number of donaƟons of books recently
         Please make any cheques payable to the       and I have also made some purchases to
                                                      accommodate parƟcular requests from
                   ‘BriƟsh PrinƟng Society’.          members so an updated catalogue is the
                                                      next task on my list. It will be accessible
                                                      on the website and paper copies will be
                                                      available on request.

                                                      In addiƟon to our books we have around
                                                      350 machine manuals in the library. I
                                                      receive more requests for these than I
                                                      do for books, largely because the list has
                                                      somehow become accessible, via the
                                                      internet, all over the world. Requests from
                                                      non-members receive the response that
                                                      the BPS Library is only available to Society
                                                      members and that they are most welcome
                                                      to join. Recently Arsi Saukkola, in Finland,
                                                      enquired aŌer the Gestetner 473 manual
                                                      and, having received my standard reply, is
                                                      now a BPS member – so welcome, Arsi, to
                                                      our Society of friends and fellow printers.

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