Page 10 - July 2014
P. 10

Graham SkiƩ’s entry, a white page printed         Search’, but they certainly made me smile!
on a laserwriter asks ‘What are all these         Peter C. on the next page has printed out
types doing’, and shows a composing room,         most of the capitals from ‘Maria Belle’ from
and there is a clear disƟncƟon between the        the Bauer Type Foundry. Lovely to look at.
browncoats and the whitecoats. It does look
awfully Ɵdy though. Member 10723 (clearly a       Graham SkiƩ’s next page is made up of
newer member of BPS) poses some quesƟons          random typeseƫng to provide the shape of a
and answers on ‘What is my type?’ His/her         man and a woman communicaƟng closely, and
second page is leƩerpress in black and red,       asking ‘Are you my type’. Margaret C. follows
and highlights the Stephenson Blake version       with yet more samples of all the leƩers of the
of Palace Script. The border is well printed.     alphabet in a sentence, illustraƟng Zapfino –
                                                  apparently only available digitally. You realise
I love Dulcie Fulton’s depicƟon of a cat printed  why when you see the full font displayed on
from wood leƩer on grey laid stock in orange      the reverse – such slender characters. Peter C.
and a big ‘MIAOW’ in black. Apart from a          follows this with his version of Roseburn Type,
small problem with under-impression on the        which has some interesƟng ligatures.
black, it is fine and FUN.
                                                  And finally: Graham SkiƩ took on the job of
The next page is from Margaret Criddle, and       binding the assorted entries, and used Wire-O,
poses the quesƟon whether ‘Poor Richard’          very successfully. The back cover (unprinted)
is among the world’s ugliest fonts. On the        is around 550 micron, but is ideal for this
reverse, she demolishes that criƟcism,            publicaƟon.
and provides us with a wonderful choice
of sentences including each leƩer of the
alphabet. I expect they came from ‘Google

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