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Tim Honnor (5578)

venturesome "Wayzgooses" were organised
and day trips to the coast became fashionable.
I am sure that many printers sƟll have an
annual "Wayzgoose". (We certainly did at
Piccolo Press, oŌen starƟng on the nine hole
golf-course, but always ending up in the pub!)

A search on the internet produced the news
below, that the town of Grimsby in Canada
has an annual "Wazygoose" on the last
Saturday of each year. Maybe we should
mount a BPS delegaƟon. (Grimsby is on
Lake Ontario, not far across the border from
Niagara Falls—sounds like a great place to

 Annual Bookarts Fair

           Join us for the

36th Year of Wayzgoose!

       April 26, 2014, 9am—5pm

Each year on the last Saturday in April          book arts fair brings together private presses
pracƟƟoners of tradiƟonal book related craŌs
including leƩerpress printers, printmakers,      from all across Canada and the United States
paper makers and hand bookbinders gather at
the Grimsby Public Art Gallery to present their  represenƟng the renewal of old friendships,
work to the public, renew connecƟons with
colleagues and share their experƟse with the     the beginning of new ones, and the
next generaƟon of arƟsts and arƟsans.
                                                 appreciaƟon for handmade book and paper
Started in 1979, Wayzgoose was a small
gathering of friends and colleagues that         arts.  >> Continues over
aƩracted about 300 visitors. Since then it has
grown into an eagerly awaited annual event
with an aƩendance of between 2000 and 2500
people. ParƟcipants and visitors come from
across Ontario, from Quebec and from the
North Eastern states. There are also oŌen a
few travelers from Europe, Japan and across
the U.S. who find their way to Grimsby to
enjoy and appreciate this fascinaƟng craŌ.

Wayzgoose provides a wonderful opportunity
to experience first-hand the tradiƟons that
turned us into a literate society. This annual

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