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LETTERPRESS POLYMER                                         MEMBERSHIP
                                                  ěó ÛЛÙÝ:
    24 Hour service. SAE for brochure to:         10726 HARDY, Ms S. 101 Welford Road, Blaby,
                                                  Leicester. LE8 4FT
     Peacock, 6 William Street,
   Berkhamstead, Herts. HP4 2EL                   10727 SHAPLAND, Mr T. Acorn CoƩage, 28
                                                  Oak Street, Feltwell, Theƞord. IP26 4DD
          Tel. 01442 872956
                                                  ‘«ƒÄ¦› Ê¥ ƒ——Ù›ÝÝ:
  ALL MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS currently £27,          10649 HULSE, Mr G. 116 Kingswood Road,
  or noƟficaƟons for change of address, email or   London. SW2 4JL

     telephone numbers should be sent to the      10675 FLYNN, Mrs M. 15 Hazelhurst Road,
    Membership Secretary: Margaret Rookes,        Cardiff. CF14 2FW

          57 Craiston Way, Great Baddow,          ‘«ƒÄ¦› Ê¥ ›Ãƒ®½ ƒ——Ù›ÝÝ:
                 Chelmsford CM2 8ED.              10610 BURLEY, Mr R.
     Please make any cheques payable to the
               ‘BriƟsh PrinƟng Society’.          —Êăã®ÊÄÝ:
                                                  4828 Mr R. Mewha | 7846 Mr & Mrs K. Wright
RISOGRAPH DIGITAL PRINTER                         | 8328 Mr & Mrs D. Brewster | 9208 Mr R.
                                                  DyeƩ | 10169 Mr M. Dawson | 10727 Mr T.
  SIMPLE – FAST – COST-EFFECTIVE                  Shapland

     New & Refurbished Machines always available              SMALL ADS
                                                  ¥Ê٠݃½›: Miele VerƟcle V45 plus a Grafopress
 T 02380 330611 E         10 x15 similar to Heidelberg. PLus lots of other
                   leƩerpress equipment (see main advert on
                                                  the BPS website). Sales and wants contact Len
 COLOUR                                           Friend. Telephone: 01621 840911
   COPIERS                                        email:
        AVAILABLE                                 óƒÄ㛗: Adana 8x5 or 6x4 in good working
                                                  order for an arƟst in Kirkcudbright who has
                                                  had a prinƟng lesson at the Print Studio, with
                                                  or without rollers. Chases and inks would also
                                                  be helpful. Reasonable price will be paid direct
                                                  by the arƟst. Contact Kim Lowe on 07988
                                                  516234 or email


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