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                                                   Seven intrepid members of the Maidenhead
                                                   branch braved the wilds of the eastern
                                                   outskirts of Reading to meet up at the George
                                                   Pub, which is variously described as being in
                                                   Woodley, Earley or Winnersh. At least Richard
                                                   felt at home—he had been chucked out of this
                                                   pub many years ago. Luckily none of the bar
                                                   staff recognised him, and there did not appear
                                                   to be a ‘wanted’ poster with his photo behind
                                                   the bar.

                                                   ConversaƟon ranged widely, including some
                                                   prinƟng maƩers but also V-bombers landing
                                                   on Woodley airfield. We were kept amused
                                                   by the staff trying to cope with our food order
                                                   and aƩempƟng to deliver the right food at the
                                                   right Ɵme; but they managed it in the end and
                                                   luckily we were not in a hurry.

                                                   This meeƟng was a bit of a departure for the
                                                   branch—is it one we would care to repeat?
                                                   Comments please. For my part I thought the

to lay out all the pages and decide upon the                                                       ÊÙăÛÄ㛗 փ¦› ù ¦®ÊòƒÄÄ® ƒÄãÊÄ®Ê ãƒ¦½®›Äã›. ò›Ä®‘› Ϗϓϐϒ
best order. This done, collaƟon started and 30
copies were soon stacked up. Barry and Bob
were assigned the task of hole drilling using a
precision Dremel on a drill stand. Meanwhile,
the rest of the group busied themselves stab
binding the leŌ-hand short edge of each
booklet under Sarah’s watchful eye. Time
passed . . . . and by the end of the evening,
we had completed 23 booklets; enough to
send off for the Rosen entry, plus one booklet
for each member present.

With most of the work done, another round
of teas and coffees appeared, together with
some steaming mulled wine (non-alcoholic)
to celebrate a most producƟve evening.
Many thanks to all eight members who
aƩended with their prinƟng and helped put
the booklets together. And a big thank you to
Sarah for hosƟng the meeƟng and puƫng so
much enthusiasm into the Rosen entry.

                                      Bob Edwards

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