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collaƟng and binding. Paul is our branch        newest members, Sarah BaƩyll (10706) the
expert binding-wise and he explained to us      objecƟve being, to collate and bind the Branch
the best way to put the booklet together. To    entry for the Rosen Award.
illustrate the different binding possibiliƟes
available to us, Paul showed us some superb     The meeƟng convened at the earlier Ɵme
books that he has produced over the years.      of 7.30 pm to accommodate the amount of
The most recent, a series of books on the       work envisaged, but not everyone arrived at
history of Louth, were stunning, and his        the same Ɵme, and we waited tentaƟvely for
booklet of poems by John ShuƩleworth gave       Richard because he had promised to print the
us all a chuckle.                               covers... He turned up eventually, having done
                                                a tour of Bracknell trying to find Sarah’s house,
With the binding glue drying, we planned a      and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. He
few events for next year. Our next meeƟng will  said that he doesn’t like Bracknell. The Great
be in February for our 'Christmas' lunch, and   Hollands area certainly isn’t great if you’re
later in the year we even plan to travel down   unfamiliar with the road layout. Even TomToms
south (well further south than Peterborough     get lost!
anyway). With all business done, we all set off
back home chaƫng excitedly about the day's      Our chosen theme for the Rosen booklet was
adventures, and expressing our amazement        TIME, and we decided on A5 landscape with a
that yet another year in the life of the        25mm leŌ-hand margin for the stab binding.
Lincolnshire and District Branch had flown by    The range of different layouts and styles and
all too quickly.                                papers, not to menƟon methods of prinƟng,
                                                was really noƟceable. Between them, Branch
MAIDENHEAD BRANCHͷDECEMBER                      members produced leƩerpress, colour laser,
                                                inkjet and hot foil, and the layouts varied from
THE Maidenhead Branch meeƟng on 3rd             zany large-format words and artwork to formal
December was a lively and producƟve             text set out in paragraphs. The first task was
evening. We met at the home of one of our

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