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BRANCH REPORTS                             of the Humber Estuary). Donna Nook is well
                                                 known as the site of a pracƟce bombing range
LINCOLNSHIRE AND DISTRICT BRANCHͷ                for local RAF bases, but during the months
NOVEMBER                                         from October to December thousands of grey
                                                 seals return there to breed, and this was the
PICTURES aƩached: Pic 1. Wendy Warne, Paul       reason for our trip. We all piled into Paul's
Warne John Miller, Barbara Cork, Ian Cork, Dee   newly clean (but not for long) minibus and
Miller. Pic 2. The seals at Donna Nook (No it's  set off down the muddy lanes to see the seal
not a snap of the branch members lying on the    colony and their pups. For many of us, this
beach). This has a CreaƟve Commons licence,      was out first sight of seals and their pups close
so is OK to use.

The Lincolnshire and District Branch's last      at hand (the visitors' viewing paths run just a
meeƟng of the year coincided with a landmark     few feet from where the seals were laying.)
birthday for our chairman, Ian Cork; and this    The seals didn't seem to mind the visitors too
special occasion gave us the opportunity to      much, though they certainly let you know,
celebrate with an out of the ordinary branch     very loudly, if they thought you were too close
meeƟng. As we arrived at The Warple Press,       to their newly born pups. AŌer a spellbinding
Paul was just finishing off cleaning his minibus   hour or so, we returned to Paul and Wendy's
of November mud ready for our extra special      for the next part of our meeƟng. Back inside
trip to the seaside. Yes, a moment, a trip       in the warmth we thawed out courtesy of
to the Lincolnshire seaside in the middle of     Wendy's delicious home made hot soup, hot
November was exactly what we had planned.        dogs and cakes.
This was to be no ordinary trip though. Our
desƟnaƟon was to be the salt marshes of          We then set about puƫng our latest Rosen
Donna Nook, about 10 miles from Louth (due       Award booklet together. The branch members
south of Spurn Head on the Lincolnshire side     (at least those that are paid up BPS members)
                                                 submiƩed their pages,and we set about

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