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This arƟcle is partly taken from     anywhere in the world.
a booklet I obtained on a visit to
the PlanƟn Museum in Antwerp,        Here one can see complete sets of
a few years ago—Ed                   superlaƟve typecasƟng material from
                                     the later part of the 16th century: 4,492

                                     punches, 15,825 finished matrices and
MANY BPS members will have visited 4,681 non-adjusted matrices. This material
the PlanƟn Museum that in 1993 was was able to create over ninety different
reorganised and refurbished when
                                     leƩer styles. Nowhere else can such a rich
Antwerp was the cultural city of
                                     collecƟon of book illustraƟon be found,
Europe. Part of this reorganisaƟon was including some 650 drawings, including
the addiƟon of a room dedicated to
                                     sketches by Rubens and Van Dyck and
Gutenberg and the origins of typography nearly 2,000 copperplates and 14,000
including the display of the 36 line bible. woodblocks.
The museum enjoys internaƟonal fame

as as the only prinƟng establishment in The collecƟon of old prinƟng presses is

the world sƟll with authenƟc, completely also unique of its kind with five wooden

equipped workshops straight from the presses of the Balaeu type and an intaglio

‘ancien regime’.                     press from 1714. The museum also has the

Seen in its                          two oldest prinƟng presses in the world.

original seƫng

the 16th and

17th century

type foundry,

prinƟng plant,



bookshop and


office is

the most

complete and

diversified old




                                                                                          㫛 Êò›ÄÝ ®Ä 㫛 ãù֛ ¥ÊçėÙù, ®ÄÝヽ½›— ®Ä Ϗϔϐώ
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