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REFLECTIONS                                              copy is sent to the printers we start
ON A YEAR OF BEING                                       on the next month, so when I used to
ASSISTANT EDITOR – 2013                                  think that once it was being printed
                                                         and distributed I could get on with
THE seƫng the 2012 AGM, and the discussion Small         other things, that’s not the case.
Printer, at a Ɵme Les Taylor was looking to stand down
from being Editor. I spoke up, saying we needed to       I am especially looking forward to
keep Small Printer as a printed journal, and I would be  what we can produce for our 70th
happy to become part of a team. This is now our 14th     anniversary celebraƟons, and then to
issue working as the Editorial team, and I have also     being involved in the 2015 ConvenƟon
completed the Index for the 2013 issues.                 at Perth. I’d find it hard to get back
                                                         into a 9-5 job now, as I enjoy the
The thing which has surprised me (in a good way) is      flexibility of what we do in the Print
the level of technical experƟse within our Society –     Studio, Small Printer and promoƟng
from the replies to Name the Typeface or Name the        leƩerpress prinƟng here in Southwest
Press to some of the very detailed arƟcles which have    Scotland. PrinƟng is never far from
been contributed covering all ages of technology, such   my mind, so being Assistant Editor is
as the Digital PrinƟng arƟcles. This also shows me       well-suited.
how liƩle I know about some print processes, so I am
enjoying the learning experience as well. Small Printer  Being Assistant Editor has also given
has put people in touch with each other, quite oŌen      me the opportunity to go through
behind the scenes with the requests for informaƟon.      back copies of Small Printer, of which
                                                         I hold an almost complete set from
We normally get a run of                                 1982. These were iniƟally collected
contribuƟons, Name the Typeface                          by my late father, and I’m glad he did
and Press entries, occasional leƩers                     so. The ones I am missing are from my
etc. in the first few days aŌer the                       Ɵme as a member (see adverts page)
issue has been posted out. Tim,                          at Ɵmes of house moves. It seems
Giles and myself email everything
to each other for proof-reading
or comments, and I compile the
compeƟƟon entries and sort out
the duplicated informaƟon. There
is also a flurry of emails to me
towards the final seƫng out of
copy, as many of the cartoons,
short poems/saying and decoraƟve
touches are added just before
going to press, and Giles emails
the high-res file at the Ɵme it goes
to the printers. The minute the

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