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Dear Friends of the hand press,                           BOOK REVIEW

Bob Oldham and Patrick Goossens will be          TYPOGRAPHY MADE TO FIT
prinƟng a new book about the Columbian           TypeTogether's primer about leƩering,
and its inventor, as well as about Bob's world-  font usage and tailored typography
wide census of Columbians for their 200th
anniversary.                                     Ö琽®Ý«›— ù ãù֛ãʦ›ã«›Ù, ‘Ù. ϐώϏϑ

The book will include a biographical summary     AS the design and producƟon editor of Small
about George Clymer, some new informaƟon         Printer, I am always on the look out for nuggets
about the development of the Columbian,          of informaƟon that can be shared, wriƩen
and a report on the world-wide census re-        about and put into pracƟce. Editorially, I have
sults. We also plan to include a census lisƟng   been given a specific cap to wear in arranging
of recorded presses and a reprinƟng of the       layouts, making things appear clear on the
first *TesƟmonials* issued by Clymer when he      printed page, with decision and choice of
introduced the press in England in 1818.         typeface/s, images etc. Searching for a correct
                                                 response to each arƟcle can and oŌen does
The book will be printed by hand on Patrick's    take a fair bit of Ɵme. As wriƩen language by
Clymer Columbian No. 375, made in 1828,          way of a visual message, is the raw material
from Monotype Baskerville types, on Zerkall      that makes up the form of typography—the
mould-made paper.                                organisaƟon and hierarchy between a headline
                                                 and its body text, takes it's style and influence
We are seeking funding help for this pro-        from appropriaƟng a parƟcular typeface.
ject. ContribuƟons can be made at:               Possibly respecƟng tradiƟon of a ‘period’ or
                                                 geographic area can only add further pleasure
hƩp://              to the designer's task and the reader's
new-book-about-the-columbian-                    enjoyment. Having successfully completed two
press/x/242576                                   first class degrees as a mature student in the
                                                 visual arts, design for print and typography
(see the page above or QR Code below for         have become more specialist subject maƩers
details of the project and "perks" available     of mine, over more than ten years now. Using
for contributors, and how to contribute). We     these typographic disciplines to convey the
welcome your support for this important          pages of Small Printer, I do try to design an
addiƟon to knowledge about one of the most       appropriate and someƟmes, possibly diverse
important developments in the history of         manner of visual communicaƟon with the
prinƟng technology.                              editorial help of Tim and Kim. As a digital
                                                 publicaƟon, reproducƟon condiƟons that
    BobOldham and                                visually affect how accurately the Small Printer
     Patrick Goossens                            looks and feels, remain factors within the BPS
                                                 agreed monthly budget limitaƟons. Leaving
                                                 pre-press proofing and print quality-assurance
                                                 checks to the procured art worker and prinƟng
                                                 house, respecƟvely, before running the

                                                                                                           > ‘ÊÄã®Äç›Ý

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