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FROM THE PRESIDENT                                    FROM THE EDITOR

          FEEL I can do liƩle beƩer than to echo               MUST first menƟon that the start of the
          the Editor’s enthusiasƟc words opposite.             year for your editorial team (and YOUR
          For some Ɵme now it has appeared to                  Society Magazine), augers well for the
          me—and I know full well that I am not                future. It seems that many of you HAVE
alone in this—that the Society is established         responded to my cri de coeur for more copy and
on the downhill slope that leads, eventually,         arƟcles. So many thanks to those of you who
to exƟncƟon. Certainly membership has been            have sent us contribuƟons. Please keep them
falling for a decade or more, but this now            coming in and don’t let your new year resoluƟons
appears to have levelled out and may even be on       fade away.
the increase.
                                                      We have a number of events to look forward to.
It has to be good news, from the point of view of     We on the editorial team are parƟcularly hopeful
the Society, that leƩerpress prinƟng is currently     that full colour prinƟng of Small printer will make
undergoing a revival. We must do what we can          it more aƩracƟve, both in content and design.
to assist with this, whether by encouraging ‘new’     So oŌen the impact of an arƟcle has been let
printers to join us or by helping Tim and his         down by rather poor black and white illustraƟons,
editorial team in their never-ending search for       so full colour will add a spring to our step and
copy.                                                 give us further reason to provide you with a more
                                                      interesƟng and perƟnent magazine.
As you will already know, this year we have our
first ever opportunity to take part in IPEX, the       We then have the BPS involvement with IPEX
 largest internaƟonal print show. If you live within  2014 from 24th-29th March at the London Excel
travelling distance of London (or even if you         building. If you have not already done so, please
don’t, but know somewhere you can stay for a          get in touch with Ron Rookes to see if you can
night or so) then do take the opportunity to help     help with our stand. It seems to me that this is
represent the Society and see the show—for            an amazing opportunity to publicise what the
free—at the same Ɵme.                                 BPS is all about and gain many new members.
                                                      LeƩerpress prinƟng is enjoying a great revival and
This year, being the 70th anniversary of the          the sale of Adanas and small presses is very acƟve
founding of the Society, presents an excellent        throughout the UK. These new proud owners
opportunity to make the best of what we have.         of a press then want to learn how to use their
Many of you will remember the marvellous 50th         press; and all that leƩerpress involves. Where
anniversary we celebrated at Bristol (and the         beƩer than to join the BPS, receive Small Printer
‘Bristol Blue’ apples), or the 60th we enjoyed,       each month, (with its hints and Ɵps, contacts
along with a stroll on the beach, at Skegness.        and knowledge that you are all going to send in
I have every reason to believe—not least              to me) and generally enjoy the huge repository
 because it is being organised by Dorset              of prinƟng experience within our “Society of
Branch—that this year’s ConvenƟon could well          Friends”. Thus we have a real responsibility to
outdo them all.                                       help in this leƩerpress resurgence. For many
                                                      years the BPS membership has been on a steady
Those with even longer memories (I hasten to          downward path. Now we have the chance to
say that I, regreƩably, am not one of them) may       change all that and grow the society back to
remember the Society’s 40th anniversary, when         where we are: “The Recognised Source of PrinƟng
the ConvenƟon was held at Edinburgh.                  Knowledge and Experience for the Small Printer”.
Next year we have our fiŌh Scoƫsh
convenƟon—yet another event for us all to look        And then we have the 70th ConvenƟon in
forward to.                                           Bournemouth from 25th – 27th April. (More
                                                      about that next month)

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