Page 19 - Februaryt 2014
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John Eassonʼs larger than A3 Speci-
                                         men Sheet 29 (I wonder how many
                                         more there are to come?) has been
                                         titled, ʻThe Awkward Squadʼ as it illus-
                                         trates wood letter that is difficult to
                                         identify. He states they are ʻpretty
                                         dreadful typographically, although
                                         some have a warped charmʼ, but I still
                                         find them fascinating and wish I had
                                         the very many wood founts that my old
                                         company threw out years ago when
                                         they discontinued letterpress.

                                         This sheet is letterpress
                                         printed in 6 colours. Thanks
                                         John, for another one.

John Holmes in New Zealand sends us ʻbelated Christmas
Greetingsʼ which were not belated as the Postal Services got
them to us in time. Johnʼs striking red card celebrates 150
years of NZ Railways, 84 years of Monotype Perpetua, 50
years of his printing and 48 years of printing his own Christ-
mas Cards - immaculately done as always and we wish you
vary many more years of doing so, John.

               John and Dee Miller sent us their usual calendar for the
               new year. This time printed in black on a grey board.
               Always a useful little gift to carry in your wallet. Perhaps
               next year, John you could send us 2 so that we could keep
               one in our file whilst using the other. Now thatʼs me being
               cheeky and greedy. Just an idea!

Our final item in this bundle is a reminder card from
Jean Watson that this is the Platinum Anniversary
Year of our Society of Friends. Letterpress printed in
grey, black and red and thermographed. Itʼs a long
time since we have had thermography, so thank you,

             Compiled and printed at The Vine Press, the private printing
             press of Ron Prosser, Newport, South Wales,

           42 copies of items are required for each monthly
           bundle to Ron Rookes, please.
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