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The P.G. December Bundle

                      A magna bundle this month with 4 items coming
                      from Ron Rookes our Councillor and Mailer.

                      First, Pawprint Snippets No.3, ʻFire Fighting in the
                      Futureʼ, an interesting illustration by French Artist,
                      Villemard of how he imagined firemen to be in the
                      year 2000. Computer typeset using Nueva Roman
                      typeface and deskjet printed. Nicely laid out and
                      printed on white board.

Secondly a Christmas Card from Ron and Margaret, lavishly illus-
trated with comic characters including heavy grey shadows which

                       gave them an almost 3D effect.

                       Thirdly a PG Christmas Wordsearch just in case
                       we had nothing to do over the holidays. This was
                       a large Wordsearch with 40 typeface names to
                       discover. I found it a particularly hard one making
                       it a good one, and thinking I would start with an
                       easy name of ʻKennerleyʼ as I assumed there
                       would not be many ʻKʼsʼ, it proved otherwise, and,
                       yes, it did give something different to do from
                       eating cold turkey over many days.

Ronʼs last item was the very useful PG Mem-
bership List for 2013-14 and it was a pity to
find the error in Roger Broadbeltʼs entry. I
also take blame for this as I proof-read it at
one stage and completely missed it, so my
and Ronʼs apologies to you all.

                       It was also sad to see some
                       old names missing but very
                       pleasing to see the inclu-
                       sion of more new members.

                       Thank you, Ron, for all of
                       these items and for all you
                       do for the Publishing
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