Page 17 - Februaryt 2014
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Now here is an
                               unusual and
                               intriguing contri-
                               bution from
                               Peter White of
                               The Bouncing
                               Apple Press - or
is it ʼThe Bouncing Acre Pressʼ as
shown in the Members List? (I must ask him one day to explain
the name and tell us which one is correct.) ʻA Swarm of Beesʼ and
what a swarm it was - the enlarged illustration will explain all.
Thank you, Peter, for your inventiveness and please donʼt expect
me to name all the typefaces used!

                      Alan Brignullʼs Rambling Urchin 75 is a letter-
                      press printed card illustrating Maltaʼs Eurovision
                      Song Contest entry for 2013 - ʼHis name is
                      Jeremy, he works in ITʼ being a memorable lyric
                      that he remembered from that contest. I didnʼt
                      listen to the contest but I have ʻGoogledʼ and
                      rather liked the little video that I was able to listen
                      to. I gather the song sung by Gianluca Bezzina
                      didnʼt win but did quite well. As always I enjoyed
seeing Alanʼs contribution to the bundle. Perhaps some of us can
concur with Gianluca that ʻRisk Assessment is our investment in a
life of no surpriseʼ?

My own (Ron Prosserʼs) Christmas Card was a
concoction of a Courtier Fine Art Card, of which I
was given 100ʼs many years ago, purely for the
envelopes as the cards were about to be thrown
out. I knew I would find a use for them sometime
and used them to send my wifeʼs and my greet-
ings to the members and also as an unusual
means of sending the PG Record. It was also the
last letterpress job I expect I shall ever print as all my letterpress

               equipment has now gone to a ʻbetter placeʼ and will be
               well used instead of lying idle in my garage.

               The PG Record as mentioned above was included in a
               small format to fit in Santaʼs bag. Hope you were able
               to read it.
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