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Edition 4  January, 2014                    No.1

Welcome to 2014 - BPS Platinum Anniversary

So it has arrived, another special year in the life of the BPS. 70 years
since Bill Brace had the initiative to start our society and I wonder if
he ever imagined it would still be around 70 years later.

Back in May the PG Record reported in our AGM minutes that it
would be good to make some special remembrance of this Platinum
year but so far no suggestions have been made, so can I now urge
you to give it some thought and let me have any ideas you might
come up with before the time passes.

Are you going to visit IPEX, 24 - 29 March, I wonder? I am hoping to
do so, although I will be unable to offer my services to man the BPS
stand due to time constraints but I hope to meet some of you there.
Perhaps we could produce some print-related item regarding the PG
for the BPS stand, perhaps a ʻpull-upʼ banner or leaflet as our PG
Platinum Contribution, but time is of the essence. Please let me know
what you feel about this and any other suggestions you may have.

You will have read in the January edition of Small Printer an appeal
from the Editor and the President for more items from members so I
contacted Tim Honnor, the Editor, and suggested that he might like
to include the P.G. Record in some form or other in the Societyʼs
magazine to which he readily agreed. Hopefully this edition of PG
Record and subsequent editions will appear and will encourage more
BPS members to join our ranks. Many BPS members think that to be
a PG member you have to publish books, etc. and as we know this is
not correct. 2 printed items per year is the requirement and they can
be of a single card or sheet up to booklets or even books. Member-
ship is an enjoyable extra part of our society, especially for those who
are unable to take part in Branch activities.

May I wish you all a very happy, healthy and enjoyable Celebratory
Year with plenty of good printing. Like you all, I cannot wait to see the
latest version of our annual publication, ʼPrinting in Miniatureʼ. I am
sure it is almost ready and I await with suppressed excitement for it to
drop through my letterbox. Ron

P.S. Many thanks also to those who sent me personal Christmas
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