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BRANCH REPORTS                                with various comments being expressed on how
                                                    much Araldite should be applied to get a clean
DORSET BRANCHͷNOVEMBER & DECEMBER                   image and what was the best type of block that
                                                    could be used.
EIGHT members aƩended the November meeƟng
at the home of Liz Nelson. Ron and Jean had with    Finally, the topic of IPEX 2014 was raised by Ron.
them Jean's trusty Adana 8x5, but this Ɵme there    The request in the November Small Printer had
were no items for prinƟng. Instead, they were       resulted in him having various ideas for manning
going to use the arƟcle in the November issue       the stand along with what could be placed on
of Small Pruinter, to demonstrate the embossing     show during the six days of the show. Ron said he
technique described. Using an old block of holy     would be going to the show anyway, but would be
leaves set in the chase, Ron mixed up some          happy to contribute to the manning of the stand
Araldite and spread a layer onto a small piece of   during that period. This would probably be the
card and covered it with a piece of “clingfilm”.     last one he would aƩend, as since his reƟrement
The card was placed on the platen
and the handle depressed and held in
place with a container of quoins for
around 30 mins. This was to allow the
Araldite to harden enough to allow the
embossing to take place.

We then proceeded to go through

various items connected with the

convenƟon which had been leŌ

outstanding, due to several members

who had offered to help, being unable

to aƩend previous meeƟngs. The

quesƟon of a banner was finalised with

Les Taylor, who would arrange for the

design to be completed. Robin Munday

had made the Ɵme to produce a sample             ƒ‘» ÙÊó ÝãƒÄ—®Ä¦: ك‘«›½ ½ƒ»›, ½›Ý ãƒù½ÊÙ, Ùʗ›Ù®‘ ¥®Ä—½ƒù, Ã٦ƒÙ›ã
of the name badge, from which Ron                Ý󃗽®Ä¦, փã Ý󃗽®Ä¦, ÙÊÄ óƒãÝÊÄ, Įム¦››, ã›ÙÙù Ùʐ®ÄÝÊÄ, —ƒò®—
would now see if the original idea was           ¦››, ó®Ä ƒÃƒÄ— Ýîã«. ¥ÙÊÄã ÙÊó »Ä››½®Ä¦ ÊÙ Ý®ãã®Ä¦: Ùʐ®Ä Ãçėƒù,
sƟll workable. The quesƟon of the guest          ݃ėك Ãçėƒù, ½®þ ě½ÝÊÄ, ¹›ƒÄ óƒãÝÊÄ.

speaker would come to a head just aŌer              from the prinƟng industry three years ago and the
this meeƟng, with a couple of alternaƟves being     advancement of digital prinƟng, the nature of the
discussed. Jean had come up with an idea for the    equipment on display had altered. The trend now
design of the “Goody Bags”, which was agreed by     was to enclose the machinery inside covers, which
the members present. This leŌ the sourcing of the   meant it was not very easy to see the operaƟon and
components to be either purchased or supplied       the way the paper was being handled. Also, as he
by a couple of members, who apparently had          was very unlikely to operate the latest machinery,
these things in a room at home somewhere. It is     it seems the Ɵme to say goodbye to the industry
amazing to think of the “stuff” we hold “in case it  which had given him employment for fiŌy years.
should come in handy later”.

We then returned to the embossing trial, with       The December meeƟng was our usual Christmas
Jean opening the Adana. A piece of “laid” paper     Sunday Lunch provided by Liz Nelson at her home.

was used to take an impression and passed           Ron Watson (6855)
around. The result could be seen quite clearly,

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