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NAME THE TYPEFACE ? 13                                                                          the link between the two
                                                                                                typefaces will be Will Carter.

                                                                                                Will Carter (1912-2001) was

                                                                                      very influenced by the work
                                                                                                of German type designers


                                                  Rudolf Koch (1876-1934)         ÃÄù ã«ƒÄ»Ý ƒ¦ƒ®Ä ãÊ Ã®»› ›—óƒÙ—Ý ΄Ϗώϑϕϒ΅ ¥Ê٠ݛãã®Ä¦ ã«®Ý ÃÊÄã«'Ý ‘ÊÃ֛ã®ã®ÊÄ Øç›Ýã®ÊÄ Ι ÝçÃÛÙù



        and Hermann Zapf (1918-).

	 		        By the late 1940s Will Carter
                                                                                                was devoƟng most of his



		         Ɵme to his Rampant Lions







          David Kindersley (1915-


   1995) was apprenƟced, at


      the age of 18, to Eric Gill

         and stayed at the Gill studio
                                                                                                unƟl 1939 when he set

                                             up his own workshop in
                                                                                                Cambridge. Another link
Can we fix it?	
                                                                         between the two faces

                                                                                                could be their influence

Please email this months answer before        from hand craŌed leƩerforms. While Klang

the 10th to: or          is obviously brush-drawn, Octavian shows

sparƟ                       Carter's and Kindersley's strong leƩer-carving

Can you name these two typefaces              background:

and the link between them?                    "The designers are both leƩer-carvers, the

Extra kudos for sharing anything else you     first also a printer and the second also a
feel has excited your knowledge. [DIGITAL     sculptor. They set out to preserve in their
type sample]                                  alphabets all the essenƟals of their historic
                                              antecedents, at the same Ɵme feeling free to

 1 2 Last month’s answer: Many thanks to      permit themselves an appropriate degree of
         George Webb (5265) for the correct   personal drawing".
         answer, compiled below:
                                              While the ulƟmate authority is the
THE two typefaces in this month's compeƟƟon   ancient inscripƟonal paƩern, the special
are Klang (Monotype series 593) and Octavian  characterisƟcs of the present rendering are
(Monotype series 603). Klang was first issued  manifest in the economic proporƟons of the
in 1955 and designed by Will Carter, made     shapes and the modified relaƟons of the
its debut at IPEX and had an enthusiasƟc      strokes. Thus, the leƩers are narrower than
recepƟon. Urgent requests for addiƟonal       the classical forms and their weight heavier.
sizes came in from adverƟsing and publishing  The fount as a whole therefore, is calculated
houses which have a reputaƟon of knowing a    to confer a measure of disƟncƟon upon
good thing when they see it.                  deserving literary works, and a degree of
                                              boldness, and therefore extra legibility, upon

Octavian was issued in 1961 and designed by   appropriate social and commercial jobs.

Will Carter and David Kindersley. Therefore

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