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Vicki Barton (10519)


NEW hand presses don’t come onto the             Like any small press, it would be beƩer secured
market very oŌen, and when they do they tend     to a worktop, and it is furnished with screw
to be very expensive. However, there is an       holes. Apart from a thin square of foam and
online shop that has started up in the last few  some paper, no packing is provided. It is more
years called “Great Art”. .   likely to appeal to printmakers than printers,

              1                                               because I don’t think it would be

                                                      2 useful for making a lot of copies.

                                                              SƟll, my limited experiments
                                                              seemed to give a saƟsfactory
                                                               iniƟal result that will improve with

                                                 IllustraƟon 1. Small press with
                                                 block ready to print. Here the press
                                                 is open and I’ve put a wood block
                                                 on ready for inking. You can see
                                                 the scanty bit of foam underneath.

The purpose                                                                                  3
of my arƟcle
isn’t to                                         IllustraƟon 2. Small press with paper in place.
provide a free                                   I’ve inked, placed the good paper on the block,
adverƟsement                                     and put a bit of packing paper on top of that.
for this                                         IllustraƟon 3. Small press Lowering the Platen.
company, but                                     Here you can see how the forked end of the
they do seem                                     handle fits underneath the fixed bar to provide
to be the only                                   the necessary pressure.
people in the
UK who are offering this German-made
“Abig” brand hand press new for sale. At
£225.00 (for a size 42cm x 30cm; a larger
size 46 x 31 is also on sale) it is quite
considerably cheaper than anything else
new that’s available.

The mechanism is simple indeed, and
looking at the pictures of it in operaƟon, I’m
sure many readers of a pracƟcal bent would
say “I could make that!” However, since I’m
not, and appreciated the extreme low-tech of
it, I decided to try it out.

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