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aŌer a year he decided to sell up and take a        NAME THE PRESS? 13
job as manager of The Forest and Orchard
Nurseries near Bristol—a major upheaval for      This month we have a more familiar named
the family presently living in Scotland.         press. Please let us know who made it by the
                                                 10th of the month to the editor@bpsnet.
Thus my apprenƟceship had to be interrupted or sparƟ
and I had to begin the process of trying to
arrange a conƟnuaƟon in a new country            1 2 CONGRATULATIONS to Paul
and new city. This was not easy and took
about 3 months with me aƩending meeƟng           Whoolley (10640) who recognised the press
aŌer meeƟng with potenƟal employers and          as a Columbian Platen made by CurƟs &
the Typographical AssociaƟon. The Master         Mitchell of Boston. The picture was taken
Printers seemed keen to take me on but the       in Bownes Printshop at the South Street
union was unhappy about a Scoƫsh boy             Seaport, New York. This wonderful prinƟng
taking up a much sought aŌer and limited         shop is a great visit should you be over in
apprenƟceship to the deprivaƟon of a local       New York, New York. (See picture of front of
lad. But in the end an agreement was reached     shop, below).
that I should be allowed in as an ‘excess’
apprenƟce with the Burleigh Press, thus
salving everyone’s conscience.

So my leƩerpress prinƟng career began, which
lasted even into my so called ‘reƟrement’ with
various interrupƟons such as NaƟonal Service,
my introducƟon to Lithographic prinƟng, my
involvement with Office StaƟonery, etc. right
up to December 2013. AdmiƩedly for the
past 15 or so years, leƩerpress prinƟng had
only played a very small and irregular part in
my life as computer typeseƫng and digital
prinƟng had taken over, but at least I sƟll had
the enjoyment of handling and admiring the
lead type.

But why did it all end? A young friend and
fellow BPS member I got to know seemed
to have the same empathy with leƩerpress
prinƟng as I had all those years ago and
wanted to purchase my type and composing
equipment to add to her exisƟng craŌ
workshop. How could I refuse to let her meet
her dream? So it has all gone and with it a
part of my life. No doubt I shall recover but
when Christmas comes round again I know I
shall have that longing pang in my heart.

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