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FROM THE PRESIDENT                                  FROM THE EDITOR

                    OR THE PAST FEW MONTHS                              S I WRITE, it is very encouraging to
                    Small Printer has carried a                         report that material for this Dec-
                    noƟce inviƟng you to seek                           ember issue is sƟll coming in. In fact,
                    nominaƟon for a posiƟon on the                      we may not be able to find space for
                    ExecuƟve Council. I hope that                       all of it, so please do not worry if your
                    you have at least considered                        arƟcle does not immediately appear
this opportunity: joining the team of those who     in print. It is really good to have some copy ‘on ice’ for
run the affairs of the Society is not an onerous     a future issue.
task. The BriƟsh PrinƟng Society has been going
strong for over 70 years now and its conƟnuaƟon     I noƟce that over the last two months, we have
depends on the support of its members.              welcomed eight new members into our society. This
                                                    is good news and confirms that leƩerpress prinƟng
Another strand of the Society – a very important    as a hobby or craŌ, is gaining popularity again. From
one – is the monthly magazine, Small Printer. At    reading recent PrinƟng History News, leƩerpress
a recent EC meeƟng the Vice-President showed        workshops seem to be bubbling up throughout the
that one-third of all our members now belong        UK and it should be to the BPS that those ‘smiƩen’
to an acƟve Branch, which is most heartening.       should come. We would be most interested to hear
It also means, of course, that two-thirds of the    from new members what they parƟcularly would like
membership do not belong to a Branch and many       to see in Small Printer. It might be more hints and
of these have Small Printer as their only link      Ɵps – tales from my printshop – historical informaƟon
with the Society. I can’t think that anyone would   on machinery or perhaps typography. Whilst your
disagree when I suggest that we have a magazine     editorial team try and provide a good mix of content
of which we can be proud. Giles Edwards, who        to the wide audience that we know we have,
produces the very aƩracƟve artwork, is willing to   beginners in prinƟng will have their own perspecƟve.
carry on as Design Editor unƟl the end of 2015,     Please tell us what it is.
but Tim Honnor, who has been the Editor for a
couple of years, wishes to stand down – with        Now let me menƟon just one of the great things that
members of his family scaƩered around the           we are planning for the 2015 ConvenƟon. At a recent
globe he wishes to be able to spend more Ɵme        meeƟng with John Easson (2959), we sketched out a
with them. We are therefore seeking somebody        programme that will include, a pracƟcal leƩerpress
to take over as Editor, with effect from the May     workshop, running throughout the Saturday. It is
issue – an adverƟsement for this post appears       our great hope that this will enƟce some new and
elsewhere within these pages. I am asking           younger members to come to the convenƟon. You
everyone – yes, you – to consider this role in our  will be able to see, discuss, and get hands on
Society.                                            experience of leƩerpress on both an Adana and
                                                    a flatbed press. This networking with a pool of
The EC has considered a suggesƟon that the          experience, could be of inesƟmable value to those
magazine should appear less frequently; perhaps     starƟng out on the leƩerpress road – or just wanƟng
bi-monthly or even quarterly. This was rejected,    to further their knowledge.
mainly because we felt that once we moved
away from a monthly publicaƟon we should            Our cover this month is copied from a Penrose Annual
never return to it. It may be, though, that if      of 1956 showing a design from the Magazine of the
no volunteer is forthcoming the magazine will       Graphic Arts Student AssociaƟon, called ‘Typos’. (We
become thinner, smaller and perhaps not appear      realise that we are not enƟrely blameless of Typos
every month – to me at any rate, that would         either!) The editorial team wish you a very happy
appear to be the beginning of the end of the        Christmas and New Year – and to remember that New
Society.                                            Year ResoluƟon. (No guess as to what it is!)

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