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MEMBERSHIP                                LETTERPRESS
                                                     EQUIPMENT WANTED
ěó ÛЛÙÝ:
10755 DOBNEY, Mr M. Hazeldene, Glemham               Adana 8x5's or similar
Road, Sweffling, Saxmundham. IP17 2BQ                           also type

10756 KENDREW, Mr R. 50 The Old Batch,               COCLALSEHCTOINON  S.E.England Area
Bradford-on-Avon. BA15 1TL
                                                                       0844 4484386
10757 WATSON, Ms J. The Old School House,
School Lane, Hollesley, Woodbridge. IP12 3RE

10758 BELL, Mr D. 110 Duke Road, London.
W4 2DF

‘«ƒÄ¦› Ê¥ ƒ——Ù›ÝÝ:
10711 WIGHT, Mrs M. 20 Marlborough Street,
Edinburgh. EH15 2BG

10714 OBA, Mr M. 55d Greencoat Place,
London. SW1P 1DS

2743 Mr W. Dempster | 5264 Mr G. Webb |
10727 Mr T. Shapland

102 Mr D. Webber

            SMALL ADS

Complete prinƟng ouƞit to be sold as one complete
lot: Cropperet No. 2, Adana 8x5 with spare foil
aƩachment, Marshall clamshell press, large Marshall
Horizontal press with bookbinders aƩachments,
Caslon metal type racks, type, quoins, comp sƟcks,
Numbering boxes, in fact most of the usual things.
Has been stored for a number of years. All items
available at an address in South Birmingham.
Contact L.S.Canty on 07761 756098.

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