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Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 3FE
This studio offers courses in all kinds of art-
based printmaking and will be of interest to
new members who want to explore prinƟng
to see what appeals. The website is a wealth
of informaƟon:

THE GRANGE                                         This heavy looking liƩle press was made by A.W.
                                                   Penrose, who were the sole makers. What was the
Ellesmere, Shropshire SY12 9DE                     press called and what was it used for? Answers sent
Telephone: 01691 623495                            by the 10th of the month to the editor@bpsnet.

The Grange is a Georgian house set in              WELL DONE to Derek NuƩall (9693), Steve
beauƟful grounds that arranges a wide range        HammeƩ (4424), Paul Hatcher (10648) and George
of arts courses including prinƟng on Albion,       Webb (5265), who all provided correct and most
Arab, Eagle and Vandercook presses as well         interesƟng answers with addiƟonal informaƟon.
Adana. Full informaƟon on their website:           Last month's answer was a Young-Delcambre                               Composing Machine, also called the ‘Pianotype’.
                                                   Designed by James Haddon Young and Adrien
...the professionals and more costly, and thus in  Delcambre, patented in the UK in 1840 and made by
the words of The Compositor’s Chronicle May        Henry Bessemer. It was probably the first working
1 1842 "the keys of the composing machine          typeseƫng machine: ordinary type was loaded
are now as quiescent as those of a devout          into the magazines and released when a key was
spinster’s harpsichord on a Sunday". Two           pressed, a bit like Linotype but the types fell into
machines were installed by Clowes in 1843,         a composing sƟck and had to be jusƟfied by hand.
and although were steam driven, apparently,        One was installed in the Family Herald office in 1841
they did not work effecƟvely and were               and to the horror of the compositors was worked
soon removed. One book, at least is said to        by two women. However it was soon found that the
have been composed on the machine—The              machine was slower than hand seƫng by ...
Anatomy of Sleep by Binns, in 1841.
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