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Colin Angior’s excellent criƟque of the entries    TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES
made by Maidenhead, Essex, Shropshire and          FOR BPS MEMBERS
Lincolnshire Branches.
                                                   FROM TIME TO TIME, we are asked by new
Our mentor for the evening was Sarah BaƩyll,       members if we can recommend places that
aŌer all, it was her idea that became our          give training in how to print. This usually
winning entry in 2013! Sarah persuaded             means leƩerpress, but there is also a need for
us to think completely out of the box and          training using other methods such as litho, silk
away from a convenƟonally bound book, yet          screen and hot foil.
produce something that looked exactly like         Here are three establishments that have been
that. Confused? Well, we soon got the idea         recently recommended by BPS members:
and we liked the theme as well as the design.
Our entry would be all about “Rivers” and          THE ESCAPE ARTIST
would take on the form of a river.
                                                   Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 8XA
The size was kept small, to suit leƩerpress        Here is a studio run by a BPS member, Sarah
prinƟng as well as litho, inkjet and digital,      BaƩyll [10706] who offers tuiƟon in leƩerpress,
                                                   printmaking, photography, bookbinding,
and a page number was assigned to every            stained glass and creaƟve art. Sarah is an acƟve
member. Because every page has to align with       member of BPS Maidenhead Branch and was
the previous and following leaves, there could     the inspiraƟon for their book on Time that
be no excuses about “not having had Ɵme to         won the Rosen Award this year. For further
print”, and Wednesday 3rd December was             informaƟon, go to: www.escapearƟ
fixed for a meeƟng at Sarah’s studio where the
books will be assembled from the 30 leaves
brought by each member.

The meeƟng concluded with a tasty selecƟon
of refreshments provided by Rose, for which
many thanks. Barry also kindly handed out
pumpkins that he had grown on his allotment.
Does anyone have a recipe for BPS soup?

                                      Bob Edwards

                                                   If you decide to contact any of these print
                                                   studios, please menƟon the BriƟsh PrinƟng
                                                   Society in your enquiry, and aŌer your course
                                                   let me know how you get on.

                                                   Perhaps you know of other places that offer
                                                   print training. I’d love to know!

                                                   Please contact: Bob Edwards
                                                   Tel: 01252 615439 or

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                                                   ʽ— ›Ä¦½®Ý« Êٗ›Ù.
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