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August, Barry Gilbert, Reading, Branch BBQ     thus remain unchanged, and then aƩenƟon
(4+partners).                                  was given to the events and meeƟngs for next
                                               year. The meeƟng agreed to hold another
NewsleƩer. It is impossible to replicate, or   open day at Wokingham in the Methodist
indeed follow the marvellous newsleƩers        Centre in September 2015 to coincide with the
that Chris has produced for many years. So     Wokingham Arts Trail. It was also decided to
I have not tried, but have rather aƩempted     hold the annual dinner as a lunch in January,
to develop something different. Ten issues of   and Barry kindly offered to look into venues
Volume 1 of The Thames Valley Printer were     and menus. A resoluƟon that the branch
produced, each one between 5 and 9 pages,      should enter the Rosen Award compeƟƟon
totalling 67 A4 pages. The newsleƩer was       again was agreed. The formal business ended
e-mailed to all members usually at the end of  at 10 o’clock and there followed some social
the week before the branch meeƟng. Many        Ɵme with refreshments kindly provided by
thanks to everyone who has provided arƟcles,   Dorothy.
news and comments on or for the newsleƩer
during the past year. More please!                                                  Paul Hatcher

Small Printer. Branch reports have appeared    MAIDENHEAD BRANCH ͵ NOVEMBER
regularly in Small Printer,
someƟmes with photos.                          THE MEETING AT CHRIS DANIELLS’ house
Many thanks to Bob for                         on 4th November was a lively one. Everyone
wriƟng and sending in many                     was in good spirits and there were eight of
of these. Two fliers for the                    us—almost a complete turnout. Only Andrew
Open Day were produced                         was missing due to ill health and we sent him
and were inserted into                         our best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Small Printer in August and                    We had met to plan the Maidenhead Branch
September. In addiƟon, the                     entry for the Rosen Cup, and to get us in the
President gave the open day                    mood, all four of last year’s entries were laid
a good recommendaƟon in                        out for members to look at again. We also
one of his editorials.                         had the July “Small Printer” handy to read

Rosen Award. Many
members produced a
page or pages for this A5
landscape booklet. 30 copies
were produced and finished
and bound Japanese-style at Sarah BaƩyll’s in
December. We were all pleasantly surprised
that, up against sƟff opposiƟon, the branch
won the Rosen Award, which was awarded at
the BPS AGM at Bournemouth in April.

Branch Treasurer Barry Gilbert presented a
balance sheet for the past year and answered
quesƟons. Everyone was happy with the
figures and resolved to accept the accounts.
The Branch Officers were re-elected again, and

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