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BRANCH REPORTS                                 out if we had printed them correctly. Jean
                                                    Watson kindly brought along her Adana 8x5
SURREY AND SUSSEX BRANCH ͵ OCTOBER                  and showed us again the correct amount of
                                                    ink to have on an Adana to get a good copy
THE BRANCH HELD ITS ANNUAL GENERAL                  and she has a very economical method of
MEETING in October at the home of Chris             cleaning her machine with some useful Ɵps
and Libby Green. The Chairman and Treasurer         again!
remained unchanged (Peter Salisbury and
Adrian Towler respecƟvely) but the Secretary,       AŌer Ɵme spent discussing two colour
Peter ScarraƩ asked to be relieved of the           prinƟng we had a delicious aŌernoon tea.
post having been Secretary since 1993.
Thanks were expressed to Peter for his long                                       Win Armand Smith
sƟnt in the post and for all he had done
for the Branch during that Ɵme. To replace          MAIDENHEAD BRANCH ͵ OCTOBER
him, Libby Green kindly agreed to become
Branch Secretary for which she was thanked.         THE MAIDENHEAD BRANCH AGM was held
The meeƟng also discussed our meeƟngs,              at Dorothy Sydenham’s at Thame, Oxfordshire
Open Day for the forthcoming year and how           and seven members were present. Branch
we can enlarge our membership. Although             Chairman Bob Edwards welcomed everyone
small in numbers, the branch has tried on           to the meeƟng and gave a brief resume of the
several occasions during the past few years         health of the branch within the context of the
to encourage Society members in our area to         Society. The minutes of the last AGM which
join the Branch, but to no avail. The formal        had been previously circulated were accepted.
meeƟng was closed and refreshments served.          Paul Hatcher, Branch Secretary, then gave a
Our thanks to Chris and Libby for their             report on last year’s acƟviƟes:
hospitality.                                        Members. Two new members joined at the
                                                    start of the year: Anke Ueberberg & Sarah
                                   Peter Salisbury  BaƩyll, otherwise the branch membership is
                                                    the same as last year.
                                                    MeeƟngs. Branch meeƟngs were held
THE MEETING WAS HELD once again in the              as follows (numbers of branch members
stables at Monymusk courtesy of Jo Crowley          aƩending in parentheses): 6 November,
and her team.                                       George Pub, Earley, Reading (7) for general
                                                    chat; 3 December, Sarah BaƩyll, Bracknell (9?)
Yet another Rejafix has turned up in the             binding our Rosen Award entry; 18 January,
branch! All three owned by the Dorset               Bird-in-Hand, Knowl Hill (14 incl partners),
Branch are different. We had fun looking at          annual lunch; 4 February, Dorothy Sydenham,
it and trying it out with a block which gave        Thame (4), talk by Tim Honnor; 6 March,
a remarkably good print. Pat Swadling had           Bob Edwards, Crookham (4) discussing open
purchased it and had not yet got round to           day; 8 April, Chris Daniells, High Wycombe
looking at it, so this was its first airing.         (7), open day discussion; 13 May, Richard
                                                    Owen, Cookham (5) convenƟon discussion;
We also looked at some two colour borders           3 June, Anke Ueberberg, Reading (6) general
blocks, again brought along by Pat. They were       discussion; 8 July, Paul Hatcher, Woodley
an unusual paƩern and it took a while to work       (6) prinƟng open day circular; Sunday 10

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