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who also provided many of the specimens            Alfred Forbes Johnson died in 1972 and
illustrated, including Figgins’ Scroll Shaded,     William Turner Berry in 1976. The original
which was proofed from his own types. The          authors signed over their royalƟes from the
new ediƟon added a further 100 faces, bringing     book to Pincus Jaspert and a small annual
the total to over 1,500, represenƟng just under    cheque from the current publisher, Cassell
one third of the designs then available in metal.  Illustrated Books, pays for a short holiday in
The printer’s working copy of that revised third   Spain, where Pincus visits family members
ediƟon, a dismembered second ediƟon with           each summer.
hundreds of pasted-in addiƟons and pencilled
correcƟons and annotaƟons, is held at St Bride     The book has been described as “The most
(SB30262). The photograph on page twelve           remarkable typographical reference work of
shows the lanky, 26-year-old Pincus Jaspert        our Ɵme” (The Journalist), “A standard work
alongside his two elderly, academic co-authors,    of lasƟng value” (The Guardian), “The best
at the launch of the third ediƟon at the St Bride  internaƟonal catalogue of typefaces which we
Library in 1962.                                   have ever seen” (InternaƟonal BulleƟn) and
                                                   “A book which will remain a standard work of
In 1970 The Encyclopaedia of Typefaces was         reference for many years” (The BriƟsh Printer).
substanƟally revised yet again. Many new faces     Pincus Jaspert himself says “It remains
were added and the book was completely             graƟfying to find that there is a conƟnuing
re-designed and re-set. The first three ediƟons     demand for this work at a Ɵme when technical
were Crown Quarto size (9.75" x 7.25") but the     observers keep reminding the world of print
fourth was considerably larger at 12" x 8½”        that type is dead.”
with an substanƟally enhanced page count.
The original interleaved proof copy, printed       As someone with all five ediƟons on my
by Clays of Bungay and further annotated in        bookshelf, I have to agree with those
pencil, is also in the collecƟon at the St Bride   statements. Thank you, Jaspert, Berry and
Library. There have been mulƟple reprints with     Johnson.
minor revisions, totalling some eleven or so
versions of the work. The last revision was in     Ö«ÊãÊ¦ÙƒÖ«Ý ƒÄ— ®Ãƒ¦›Ý ƒÙ› © Ý㠐ٮ—› ¥Êçėƒã®ÊÄ ƒÄ—
2008 on the occasion of the 55th anniversary       ƒÙ› çݛ— ó®ã« ֛ÙîÝÝ®ÊÄ
of publicaƟon. It has never been out of print in
61 years.                                                   WANTED

The Encyclopaedia has wisely concentrated              New North Press
upon metal typeface designs. The proliferaƟon
of new faces for photoseƫng and those                            would be interested in buying
produced in digital formats in the last quarter
of the 20th century are beyond the scope                    Display fonts or wood
of such a book, although revisions have                            letter
conƟnued, with over four hundred new
addiƟons to the fiŌh ediƟon, although many                  We are committed to letterpress printers
decorated Victorian faces have been omiƩed.              and keen to purchase any interesting fonts.
Pincus Jaspert states in his Preface to the
current ediƟon that “photo display alphabets                     We are currently looking for a
available nowadays cannot claim to be subject                large Albion or Columbian Press.
to the disciplines of the typefounder’s craŌ.”
                                                                Please contact: Graham Bignell
                                                                       Tel: 020 7729 3161


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