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so publicaƟons during his professional career  so suggested addiƟons and from the second
as a prinƟng journalist and he is probably     ediƟon, published in 1958, three names
the most widely travelled of that ilk. At the  appeared on the Ɵtle page, although the
age of eighty eight, and although largely      pecking order was then “Berry, Johnson and

housebound these days, Pincus Jaspert retains  Jaspert”. It was adverƟsed by the publisher
a keen interest in the world of prinƟng and    as “Revised & Enlarged”. The new ediƟon
typography and sƟll subscribes to many of the  also included more complete alphabets,
trade journals for which he has wriƩen over    rather than the many random word examples
the decades.                                   shown in the first ediƟon. There had never
                                               been anything quite as comprehensive as the
While wriƟng for Print In Britain and Litho    Encyclopaedia. Earlier efforts, such as PrinƟng
Week in the early 1950s, Jaspert also held     Types of the World by Alfred BasƟen and G. J.
down a full Ɵme job with the publishing house  Freshwater (1931) had barely scratched the
of Blandford Press. He was asked to act as     surface of the subject maƩer.
project producer on a new Ɵtle by W. Turner
Berry and A. F. Johnson. It was to be called   A third ediƟon of the Encyclopaedia,
The Encyclopaedia of Typefaces. Pincus was     “Completely Revised & Enlarged” was
not enƟrely impressed with the manuscript,     published in 1962, with a comprehensive
making the pointed observaƟon that many of     index of designers included for the first Ɵme.
the finest American and ConƟnental faces had    This was compiled by Turner Berry’s successor
been completely ignored. Turner Berry and      as librarian at St Bride, James Mosley,
Johnson were pleased to accept his 200 or

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