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The adjacent Fleet Street church of the         decided to collaborate on one of the most
same name was less fortunate, with major        important books on typeface design to be
structural damage being the price of not        wriƩen in the last century—The Encyclopaedia
having a resident fire warden like Turner Berry  of Typefaces. The project was originally
watching over it.                               conceived by Turner Berry alone and was
                                                tentaƟvely Ɵtled The Origins of English and
Alfred Forbes Johnson was born in               Scoƫsh Type Faces.
Noƫngham in 1884 and read Classics at the
University of Manchester, where he took         What of the mysterious third member of the
a first-class degree. He joined the staff of      famous trio? Werner Pincus Jaspert was born
the BriƟsh Museum in 1906, working in the       on 21st March 1926 in Frankfurt. His birth

փ¦› ÝÖٛƒ— ¥ÙÊà 㫛 ›Ä‘ù‘½Êփ›—®ƒ Ê¥ ãù֛¥ƒ‘›Ý ϑٗ ›—®ã®ÊÄ óÊÙ»®Ä¦ ‘ÊÖù

Department of Printed Books. Like Turner        cerƟficate records only the name Werner,
Berry, he served in the armed forces during     which he rarely uses. His father, for various
the First World War, returning to the BriƟsh    reasons, always called him “Pincus” and the
Library at the end of the conflict, where he     name has stayed with him. As a child he was
became deputy keeper of printed books.          assured that he carried an illustrious name—
Although the two men had served in different     that of a Roman general, the only foreign
regiments their professional roles brought      officer in the Imperial Army. Many thousands
them together and in the early 1950s they       of his arƟcles have appeared in some thirty or

½›¥ã, ó®½½®ƒÃ ›ÙÙù, ƒ½¥Ù›— ¹Ê«ÄÝÊÄ ƒÄ— ֮đçÝ ¹ƒÝ֛Ùã ΄Ù®¦«ã΅ ƒã 㫛 ½ƒçđ«  13
Ê¥ 㫛 㫮ٗ ›—®ã®ÊÄ ƒã 㫛 Ý㠐ٮ—› ½®ÙƒÙù ®Ä Ϗϗϔϐ
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