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BRANCH REPORTS                                    DORSET BRANCH ͵ JUNE

   MAIDENHEAD BRANCH ͵ JULY 2014                           ONLY SIX MEMBERS present this month.
   THE BPS Maidenhead Branch met on 8th                    Unfortunately, Liz Nelson had an accident
   July at Allamanda Press, the print shop of              and was in the local hospital. However, she
   Paul Hatcher in Woodley, Reading. The main              insisted we conƟnue with the meeƟng in
   acƟvity was to print a batch of adverƟsing              her absence. We discussed about various
   leaflets for their forthcoming Open Day in               aspects from our latest convenƟon. For those
   September. The A6 design was printed two-up             members who were not present at the last
   on Paul’s Adana 8x5 and members took turns              meeƟng, they were given the final details
   to print or to interleave to prevent off-set.            regarding the financial posiƟon. The branch
   This was a simple task for such an experienced          were able to cover all expenditure.
   crew and there was a great deal of banter
   whilst Paul kept an eye on the quality. Once            This year the branch will be losing a few
                                                           members. Some have decided they will not
Ù®‘«ƒÙ— Êó›Ä, ƒÙÙù ¦®½›Ùã, Öƒç½ «ƒã‘«›Ù, ‘«Ù®Ý —ƒÄ®›½½Ý  be able to conƟnue in the Society, while
                                                           others will not be able to aƩend any further
                                                           meeƟngs, as they have moved away from the
                                                           county. One pleasing aspect is that another
                                                           couple who will not be able to aƩend at
                                                           the new starƟng Ɵme, sƟll wish to be kept
                                                           informed of the branch acƟviƟes, in case they
                                                           can come along at short noƟce. They have
                                                           also offered to assist the branch in any way
                                                           they can.

                                                           The content of the next meeƟng will be all
                                                           about using the Adana 8x5 to print a 2-colour
                                                           border from Pat Swadling.

                                                                                      Roland Watson (6955)

the job was finished about an hour later, the               LETTERPRESS
press was cleaned, then members adjourned                  EQUIPMENT WANTED
indoors to discuss details for the Open
Day and allocate tasks around the Branch.                  Adana 8x5's or similar
Paul kindly provided refreshments to keep                           also type
everybody fuelled and ideas came thick and
fast. Altogether, it was a very producƟve and              COCLALSEHCTOINON  S.E.England Area
congenial meeƟng. Many thanks to Paul for
allowing Allamanda Press to be invaded by the                                0844 4484386
Branch! We look forward to seeing lots of you
on Saturday 27th September at Wokingham
Methodist Centre, Rose Street, Wokingham
RG40 1XS, next door to the public car park!

                             Bob Edwards (9527)

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